*** The Official Styxhexenhammer666 Discussion Thread and Garden Party ***

3:03 so she is verified there with him...

My God. Could you imagine having a ray of sun like that come in and transform your life?

I like how he responded to her...

But I feel like Styx needs to double down on his work and buy a farm somewhere someday.

There's no better woman in the world to give Styx the gift of progeny... but I'd want to have a place for the family to grow, and inherit.

That's my main qualm with these super popular YouTube people...

They never seem to do the right thing and "buy the farm" when they have the chance. Styx isn't really a good example of one of those kinds of YouTubers, but if his channel keeps growing he won't be far off.

A lot of them just stay around cities so they have more networking opportunities or whatever... and their day comes and goes without them ever taking the opportunity to pluck themselves out of the world of superficiality and onto a nice homestead where they can get old and be surrounded by nature.
Any idea how accurate these numbers are?  https://socialblade.com/youtube/user/styxhexenhammer666

If he's making anywhere near the high end of the annual estimate, there is zero reason for him to still be living with family regardless of how much student debt he's carrying!

That garden is legit though!  Very jealous of how many veggies he's got going.  I've got a lot of good stuff too but mostly fruit trees.

Hope the two of them can make it work, she's a keeper!
I think those earnings estimates are based on what a channel would make if their videos were monetized...

These days most videos aren't even eligible for monetization and most channels are too heavily censored to receive any considerable earnings from ads on their videos.

Styx does not monetize his channel (he'd have long been deleted from the platform if he attempted to), he only takes subs on SubscribeStar and other such subscriber rewards based creator platforms. I think he has merch now, and of course there are the books...

It's almost certain that the books are his biggest source of income and he should absolutely continue focusing his efforts there, as once a book is written, it works for itself... wholly passive income.
I think with his entire YouTube career (many years at this point) and his book sales, he should have been able to pay off at least a large chunk of the debt by now. Maybe he buys other stuff though and doesn't put the money toward the debt. Doesn't really seem like it though. College debt is a terrible evil.
Hahaha well apparently I'm way out of the loop, ill crawl back into my hole now  Tongue

I know that people are being demonetized but had no idea it was so common place.  That fucking sucks.
Yeah it’s the new norm with YouTube...

We need a replacement. BitChute seems to be the best option currently.

With this vid alone, Styx goes from a regular popular sorta edgy commentator, to somebody that they could deplatform because of his endorsement/support about this topic.

It's getting hairy out there folks.
What a shame! He is one hell of an orator. I was laughing pretty hard when he started talking about 4chan potentially being shut down the and consequences of doing so, that would be quite the spectacle!
Yeah but he really shouldn't have said any of that...

The fact that they'd retaliate and that they're painted as such by even a supporter (Styx) with a lot of clout of his own...

Well that just makes them look bad, and it makes him look bad for having that stance.

A lot of what he was saying in that video didn't need to be said.

I'm glad he's standing up for what he believes in, that's not the issue.
He lives with his parents?

I had this image of him being well-off and owning a black Victorian home surrounded by a shin-high wrought iron fence, with a long but narrow backyard that leads to a forest; one of those pointy-topped houses that look quaint on the outside but are deceptively large on the inside, with a large basement and maybe a tunnel leading out of it and down to some subterranean chamber, and a multi chambered attic surrounded by weirdly clean crawl spaces.

Okay well that was totally amazing.
You have to love the "please do not touch" note. Styx was like "Oh I'm sorry, was I supposed to give a shit about that?" LOL

I agree with Styx. I’ve held the opinion for quite sometime that there will be no war. And I don’t have a history of naively wearing rise tinted glasses either.

The true war has been upon us for quite sometime and it looks nothing like what they show us in their commie propaganda laden hollywank movies.
And I’ve also held an unpopular opinion about Tim Pool... I don’t entirely dislike him, but I do think he’s suspicious and something about him doesn’t sit quite right.

So they’re gonna be hiding literally everything then.

Got it.


1:27 I couldn't agree with him more.

I've really come to this conclusion over the past few years, and I'm straight up done caring...

We're all gonna die and it's necessary to live right now (in the moment).

Vid's from 8-3-19 and Styx's first vid back home was the same date sooo, I'm guessing this is his kitchen??

Better up your fucking game if you expect to keep a woman like that satisfied... that nasty fucking stove isn't gonna cut it.
It isn't about whether Elisabeth 'asks for much'... I'm sure she absolutely doesn't.

It's about the fact that she's top notch quality and she needs to be in quality surroundings and have quality tools.

It's COMMON SENSE... this is an UNSPOKEN fact that you should just KNOW, and act accordingly on.

If Styx is going to live in his family's home in Vermont, he needs to put some money back to do some upgrades to that property, because if the stove looks that gnarly, my guess is the rest must not be much better.

That stove should have been replaced a decade ago.
God in heaven, step it up.
I'm sure Elisabeth would like to make more cooking videos in the future, as well she should be able to and given all the opportunity in the world to do so...

She's not gonna wanna do it on a stove that looks like shit.

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