Stephi Lee
(11-13-2019, 11:10 PM)Smoothie Queen Wrote: Her insurance approved the new drug!!! Yay! So happy for her.

I'm sure she'll be very open and honest about her experience with it... should be very interesting.

I feel like only Stephi could make Salem seem like a cool place to be.

1:20 pretty sure nobody's gonna fault Stephi for not living in her car since she's in the NE USA and it's FUCKING WINTER.


She's from the northeast anyway.

2:27 she's holding the new CF treatment drug (Trikafta) in her hand. She says she's nervous and so am I. Really just don't like big pharma and I'm suspicious of everything they do. But for better or worse, I feel like this drug was made for Stephi. In some kind of spiritual way... the attention of her audience (which is rather large) focused on the issue (because of the awareness she's raised) helped to manifest the drug into reality. That's my opinion as a woo-woo tard.

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