Hops Tarot (Jesse) - Most Woke Reader Ever

LOL @ hanging himself from a balcony...

That's some Virgo kinda shit right there.

Maybe with some Pisces placements.

I gotta say, Jesse is pretty great for a Virgo dude.

I don't really like Virgo dudes...

I mean they can be incredibly gorgeous, but...

We're like oil and water romantically, we totally repel.

Like I can feel with my aura and this dude's too, not my type...

But I haven't noticed any of the off-putting Virgo qualities in him.

LOL @ the soft hoodie part at the beginning, WTF is he trying to make us fantasize about touching him!?

A lot of the same people ask him questions... wonder how he feels about that.
Like the same people will ask a question every time he goes live...

He went live yesterday and the same people are asking him questions that are essentially "What's new for me today?"

LOL and the thing is, stuff doesn't really change from day to day like that.
There's probably like... nothing new to know.

They're using him like a daily horoscope.
He's a fucking great reader...

I know he wants to do other things but damn, when you got it, you got it, gnomesayin'?
LOL I fucking love the 21st century...

It's such a trip that we get to watch people all over the world this way...

It's fucking amazing.
He just made a fucking amazingly woke statement about suicide... I'll timestamp it when the livestream is over but I think it's somewhere around 19:00.
Dancing Banana 
Oh my God dude he's been going for three hours, I fuckin' love this guy!!!
Well I dunno what happened to that stream but what he said about suicide was basically that it’s pointless because you can’t escape the cycle/circle of life/existence and we’re just reborn over and over into different lives with problems that are relative and therefore seem exactly the same as the ones we were trying to escape.

And he made the point that if you commit suicide your next life might have even worse problems. Which is essentially what I always say...

I always tell good looking suicidal people that if you kill yourself, you might be born ugly in the next life... and that will really suck for you. Like you thought you had problems this time? Hah. Nah.

That usually shuts ‘em up for a lil while. They act like it’s meh whatever, but deep down they really think about what it entails.

This ridiculously sexy motherfucker is gonna burn out sooo hard after these livestreams he's been doing lately.

A lot of work!

He talks a lot about having suicidal thoughts...

Could you imagine the fucking waste of sweet delicious man meat that would be.


It's unbelievable that such an absurdly good looking person would like, hate life and want to die.

I totally want his body in my body.

I mean look at this guy...

He's so fucking fine.

In this video apparently his sister and mom are fighting super loud in the background...

I heard him mention his brother one time too. So apparently he lives with the family.

It's too bad he has to hear a bunch of idiots idioting all the time.

Not saying his family are idiots, but... come on, they probably are.

I mean, you can tell he's very clearly absolutely nothing like them.

I hope he can make a lot of money with his channel/business eventually and get out of that space.

He truly is a great dude, and even though I don't know him, I love him.
He's sooo beautiful and wonderful, come on.

He's so quiet and zen...

If I had a bunch of money to devote to the cause, I'd totally fly him to the US and have one of his hypnosis sessions...

Although I absolutely doubt anybody could actually hypnotize me.

He's absolutely going to get a bunch of sugarmommas who wanna take him in.

Dude this guided meditation though like...

I dunno, maybe he COULD hypnotize me. I dunno, I just don't believe in that sort of thing.

I'm too hardcore conscious and full on... I just couldn't imagine hypnosis working.

I'm sorry but it just makes me horny. That's literally all it does.

I'm sexually stimulated right now... intellectually.
Because TBH sexual arousal is all mental to me... almost entirely mental.

When I talk about sex to me it's mental... it's truly intellectual to me.

5:10 ROFLMAO I fuckinggg love this guy.
Oh Jesse is beyond movie star level perfection when it comes to looks.

OMG this broadcast was amazinggg...

Jesse has a top notch high quality YouTube family too!!!

Circa 1:09:42 he started talking on some real shit about the spiritual state of things in his local area (NZ) and 'they' started interfering with his stream super hard.
1:37:00 oh honey, no...

Um No

1:11:10 - 1:11:40 lolololol...


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