What A Clusterfuck: British School Cancels LGBT Courses Over Outraged Muslim Parents
The entire planet is Sodom and Gomorrah at this point.
From every angle.
I'm glad the Muslims are giving it to the homos.

We don't need them shoving their gay shit down our throats. If you want to do that shit, fine, but keep it the hell away from us.
Yeah but the media is putting the muslims in a moral high ground position when their religion is all about slavery, abuse of women, and all kinds of other shit that is morally reprehensible. It’s ass backward.
Not from what I've seen. Nothing can come between the liberal media and their beloved queers, not even Muslims.
Hi There, you have bad vibes.

I don’t know what your deal is or where you came from but you should be aware that I don’t allow overly negative posts on my forum.

This is my house... it’s not the right of the public to be here, it’s a privilege.

If you want to say some fucked up shit, get your own house and do it there.
Don’t come at me with some “But what did I say?” bullshit either...

Fucking Leo...

I don’t even too much like you.
Your posts are on approval only from now on...

I can’t have you being a fucking embarrassment.
You just remember people like me ended up with their own forums because we got banned from somebody else’s...

If you don’t like the way I run my site, get your own.

Not that you’d wanna take that kind of responsibility or anything.

A lot of people don’t...

That’s why they go around trashing up and bitching on other people’s sites.

To them I say, stop being a lazy ignorant fuck and get your own site.
I don't want my own site. I can post on somebody else's. If you want to ban people or muzzle them for doing nothing, then that is something you will have to allow on your conscience. I have my own conscience to worry about.
(03-16-2019, 09:44 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: You just remember people like me ended up with their own forums because we got banned from somebody else’s...

I always remember that my scotty queen.
I was a drunk dickhead still you talked to me.
I will never forget. Ever. Outcasts. Say the word and I unleash Hell.
And you don't need to bring the big guns out like that either. I made a mistake and I didn't know what would make you angry but I will learn and I wouldn't intentionally say something to provoke you because I can tell you're pretty laid back and if something offended you it must have been pretty bad, and I wouldn't go that direction with you. All admins of every forum have their own personal preferences. If I knew yours and violated them anyway then you should show me no mercy but I am still learning what you expect from your members.
"If you don’t like the way I run my site, get your own."

Go Mister Obvious!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s all good...

I’m not like mad or anything.

I just like to make it clear what’s accepted and what isn’t, but I only do so when people cross a line.

The rules here are few...

So I don’t take kindly to them being violated on any level.

I’m a brutally honest person so when I call it out, I mean business.

All in all, it’s just a day in the life...

Been doing this for like a million years.
Come sit on my lap, Flo.
Interestingly, some Christians banded together with the Muslims to get the LGBT courses shut down.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
Well of course, but according to the media, it was JUST the muslims.
Sometimes when m.o goes on a rampage i imagine she is a wild endangered species and for her own protection i must use the dart gun right on her ass
i never cared for that line, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. mutual animosity/hatred does not a friend make.

the enemy of my enemy shall not be interfered with so long as they serve our purposes. monitor them closely.
rhombus will set you free.
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” ― Michael Ellner

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