I love men so much...
(11-22-2018, 06:46 PM)Chris Wrote: some women want more dominating than others......LOL

True, Chris...

Another thing. Cows actually spend more time with there Kids.
Modern Day Families during the week spend few hours with them before they put there ass to sleep

atleast momma cow spends all day everyday protecting it till a four short years when a farmer is off to butcher it of its 20 year lifespan

If there young human kids. They will spend maybe less than 4 hours a day with there family if that.
come on atleast Cows get to be with there kids. unlike humans who only spend like 4hrs a week with them
Also men treat women like fuck all if they don't have big tits. Humans have become this pathetic.. all men want is your cunt and your tits not the woman
(03-26-2017, 01:39 PM)MO Wrote: Men need the support and caring of women now more than ever...

There's hostility toward them in this mindfucked, brainwashed, enslaved society. It's being systematically instilled in the young generation of women and they're trying to teach young men that they're bad (especially if they're white, but that's another rant entirely).

I just can't stand the entitlement of women today and their attitude toward men being so bossy and domineering whilst offering NOTHING in the process.

Sure, women have natural tendencies to be bitches. It's true. They do. That's just how it is. But mere decades ago, things were different. Women still offered something. Now, so many women CAN'T EVEN COOK. I have an entire separate rant about this: http://www.sectual.com/thread-59.html Can't cook, don't want to be a homemaker, don't want to be subservient in any way... what the hell are women good for then??

Men are so important. They're stronger than women are (even the weak dudes are stronger than women), they're smarter (usually), they have a lot more expectations and a lot more to deal with from the world than women do, let's just be real about it. Especially these days when they are so abused by society and the cards are all stacked against them.

It's BULLSHIT. Men need to be loved and supported. It's HARD to be a man and all the caring, positive, loving qualities natural in females are being SHIT ON and SUPPRESSED by society/the system so that those qualities don't grow and aren't able to be used in their natural way: to care for men and to care for their offspring.

Women and men are completely different, with different roles that are suited to them by nature. If women don't know their place and can't fulfill their natural roles, then they can't be supportive to men. 

If you can't help with the heavy lifting, then you better at least be PLEASANT and not just hang around looking like a bitch. Women have to be positive and a relief for their men when they come home from a long hard day. This is nature.
I was tearing up as i read this,somebody is going to be a very happy man that marries you...Love you MO... Shy


Group Hug

Love you, Studly!


I was at the hairdressers today and the indian lady wanted to wash my hair before cutting . As she layed me back and was running her long slender fingers through my thick dark hair I could feel her nipples grazing against my shoulders and cheek . Her blouse was silky and it felt so smooth and made her nipples really pop out at me . This happens a lot to me at other professional offices and sexy ladies are giving me service. I think they just throw themselves at me very naturally .
I think they do too.

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