NCAA Basketball Finals: Texas Tech Men’s and Baylor Women’s
Amazing that we have two Texas teams in the finals. Hopefully we get at least one win out of the two. I won’t be watching the women’s final (who watches women’s basketball?) but the Men’s Final should be good. In all honesty however basketball is a very boring game. The ball just goes back and forth back and forth. There are a lot of sports better than basketball but I still have pride in my teams.
I think mother terixa talked about this 'pride in our teams' and how it was all a sham used to enslave us. Its one of the Vanities we must shed in order to join her swx cult starting up this summer.
I think repute is a real concept though. I also think metrics tell us about achievement and provide means to comparr and contrast comparable qualities or measures. Texas is a very successful state on a lot of measures and I don't think it's an accident and I don't think it is false tribalism. I think tribalism manifested in a stadium during a game is false however, since it is vicariously experiencing something that is not really yours to credit yourself with. But education is an aspect of the society and thus a successful school makes for a successful state and for that we can be proud.
Pride in education and just being curious about everything, amen to that !

"swx cult" without cum ?

This reminds me of a russian film director that talked to me and my girl about tantric sex one day, he was in a group that met up weekly for this experience
I was so ashamed of the rioting going on in Lubbock on Saturday night. That was despicable. I know why their team lost. Call it what you want, karma, bringing that kind of thing onto a team, you can’t even celebrate a win and you have to set cars on fire? I would get it more if they lost and you were setting cars on fire. But win and you destroy the town? That’s crazy. Athletes are trying to strategize and win games and then have it on their conscience that if they win and the city burns down. If I was in that position, I don’t think I’d even want to win a game. If I had fans like that, you can say it was only a few people out of thousands. It doesn’t matter if it was only two or three. It still shouldn’t have happened. But they put a heavy burden on the Red Raiders to have to go in their and win a game knowing that their city was going to catch on fire. Despicable. I thought that kind of thing only happened in Philadelphia and parts of California.

They really are letting in lots of dumb kids into college. I really resent this whole “college for everybody” mindset that we have. You can take a stupid kid and put them through college, and even if they survive and get their degree, they’re still stupid. I went to college but I didn’t have the privilege of going to a really great school like Texas Tech, with it’s over $30,000 a year tuition. My parents didn’t have money and because I wasn’t the right race, I didn’t qualify for oodles and oodles of scholarships like some kids do just because they are a certain color or they are queer or furries or whatever. I was a white male so I had to pay for my college. Supposedly because I’m white I’m privileged but I’m still waiting for that check to come in. I also didn’t have the privilege to go to Baylor or UT or another great school. Clearly Tech is letting in total idiots now if they think destroying other people’s property is the correct way to celebrate a win.

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