Hey guys, MO is missing her big front tooth
and has IBS . not really the dream girl you dreamed of right? 

But i totally get how you might still lust after this unrepentant carnivore

Here to help
I still have the tooth as of today, but you’re spot on about the IBS!?

Those psychic fucking Pisces though?!
You have all your teeth MO?
I have more teeth than anybody realizes.

(Weirdos, what a retarded conversation.)
I had an extra tooth removed when I was a small child...

It was in the front, three pronged and shaped like a cone.

The normal front tooth was on top of/behind it.

Having that extra tooth caused my teeth to be crooked and I had braces.

I was concerned about not wearing my retainer for long enough afterward.

A lady told me that even if the teeth shifted again someday, I wouldn’t even care anymore.
she can borrow my teeth
Women are weird. I've heard of women born with two vaginas, others were born without a vagina. I never heard of a man born with two penises, or two scrotums and four testicles. If there was only a way for these women to donate their extra, unused vaginas to the women without a vagina. Maybe science can make progress on those fronts and eventually genetically create people with three kidneys or other spare organs, maybe even extra penises for the ones that get cut off by the Mohel.
I'm sorry, did I say cut off? I meant bit off

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