After being a loyal Firefox user for many years, I'm ditching Firefox for Brave
I don't even use Dissenter, but the fact that Mozilla and Goolag have both banned it from their online stores pisses me smooth the fuck off.

Brave wasn't my first choice, so I tried a couple of other alternative browsers before settling on it.

uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger aren't available for Pale Moon, so that automatically disqualifies it from consideration. The ThemTube layout is completely different in Pale Moon than in other browsers too. Instead of the new avatar menu with dark mode on it, I get that little box with "Creator Studio" and links to a separate settings page when I click my avatar. It's as though ThemTube serves up an older version of the site for Pale Moon. What the actual eff?

I can't get either the full version or the portable version of Waterfox to run on my 32-bit Windows 7 laptop. The full version says I need 64-bit Windows XP or later to run it. Did a 64-bit version of XP even exist? Not that I recall. The portable version shows the splash screen but never launches. I don't want a folder full of DLLs and shit on my desktop anyway. I want an installable browser.

Brave's UI is much improved since I tried it last. The built-in ad blocker allows the "sponsored" faux e-mails in my Yahoo! Mail inbox, but uBlock Origin nips that happy horseshit in the bud fast. Since it's based on Chrome and uses Goolag Store for add-ons, you'd still have to install Dissenter manually. But, as I said, I'm not studying Dissenter. It's the principle of the thing. Motherfuck Goolag in its festering ass.

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