Annie Stacie: YouTube’s Southern Sweetheart

Just sayin'.
Am I really about to watch this fucking movie right now??


I just want to drive until I die.
Fuck everything else in life.
(05-06-2019, 07:51 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I just want to drive until I die.

This is often how I feel. It doesn't hurt that I LOVE



Driving. But also LOVE my car.
Yeah it's just so great...

And think about it, it's a relatively new thing in the scope of humanity...

Although I do believe history repeats itself and we've been fully spacefaring before and shit just goes down and we end up cavemen again.

But just like I say about the internet, we've "never had this before" in the history of mankind, and I'm gonna fucking take full advantage of that global communication because we may not always have it even in my own lifetime.

And it's the same with driving... this is something new and exciting we get to do on this planet. I'm not sorry for wanting to spend my life doing it. You gotta spend your life doing something.
I just love watching a pretty lady with markers just doodling , super major turn on for me . If you have the really strong scented markers its like a double aphrodisiac and we could sit in that tent and become dream lovers. Plus i love watching those dainty hands. After you make magic with those markers i could undress you and paint your body . your cat is really neat too

I've been painting a plastic step stool for like 2 hours...


I'm just painting it gold.
Damnit woman, we NEED new vids!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
I need ‘em too, LOL.

It’s coming.

Randomly found this footage today, had forgotten about it/had no idea I'd ever see it again.


1. All clips 2007-2008

2. Newfoundland Canada has been my favorite place in the world since 1999

3. I was like totally in love with Cassandra just in case that wasn't a hundred million billion percent obvious

4. At 2:18 my friend Sam who I didn't expect to see randomly pulls up

5. This material from 2008 is the oldest known surviving footage of me because all other footage including the VHS tape of my 1990 birth died in a fire and yes that pisses me off
Is this game called
Capture the fag?
(05-15-2019, 07:02 PM)Guest Wrote: Is this game called
Capture the fag?

We gotchya!
Told ya I was a fag a lkng time ago, why are you acting surprised
I'm not surprised. Not sure why you're harping on your sexual orientation like it's supposed to matter to us that you're gay. Straight, gay, whatever, it doesn't change the way we feel about you. Get over it.
People end up persecuting themselves over this kind of shit more than anyone else is persecuting them, because they're paranoid or something... stop.
newfie made a good video
Newfies make a good everything.

I went down to the water one time with a local Newfie kid and he caught a plastic grocery store bag full of capelin, then he took them home and his mom cooked some of them for us.
(05-15-2019, 06:09 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

Randomly found this footage today, had forgotten about it/had no idea I'd ever see it again.
Can I fap to this without the FBI knocking at my door?
Hands Up!  Panties Down!

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