Do you ever wonder how you're gonna die?
I wonder how you're gonna die all the time!
LMFAOLMFAOLOLOL kiddddiiiinnnnnggg.
But yeah, I do wonder how I'm gonna die...

I mean it's an eventuality, we're all gonna die.

So I just wonder like, what'll it be?

Something boring and predictable, like disease?

Or something exciting and different...

At least an accident and at the most, an exotic tragedy like being mauled to death by tigers.
And sometimes I do wonder how other people will die...

Because the way you die somewhat effects the way you're seen in the future.

Like famous people who kill themselves for example...

When they were alive nobody knew they were gonna die like that.

But then after they do, everybody's all sad panda and all the memories and everything you did are sort of tainted under this residual suicide essence.
On an air mattress in a tent after 3hrs of romancing a sexy lady . Some random cat will be meowing outside the tent and then suddenly bright lights will be racing toward me as i prepare to be run over by a jealous ex
Which tent-dwelling lady are you trifling on me with, Guest?? I don't do air mattresses! All the best air mattress brands will be up front with you that air mattresses are not made for longterm use. I have a camping mat like this one: It hardly holds any air, it's basically just foam with a nice water repelling material over it. That's not an air mattress. You can't talk your way out of this one. I don't know what kinda uppity tent-dwelling, air mattress having chick you're involved with, but it sure ain't me.
Dude that will reduce the lovemaking to under an hour. Quality hour but those things have limits.
It's a bummer that it doesn't happen in the future, but in the now. Bah.
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