Commentary & Analysis: "Ted Bundy" (2002)

After recently reviewing the 2019 Ted Bundy movie and deciding that the 2002 movie was better, I figured I'd see if my memory serves me correctly and decide whether I think it really is as good as I remember it.

Before I begin reviewing Ted Bundy (2002), I'll link to the other threads here which contain commentary and analysis on Ted:

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The full movie is currently on YouTube, and I'll be time-stamping my analysis. Time-stamps should remain fairly accurate regardless of viewing platform. For reference, the opening musical score of the film begins at 0:25 in the embedded version I'm watching.

So the movie starts out with various photos of Ted. I think the musical score is somewhat sympathetic. Its tone doesn't set a 'horror' or even 'suspense' type of mood, rather it sets a dramatic scene that instills the viewer with a "What went wrong?" type of feeling regarding Ted.

1:32 the music is a touch dated, and early 2000s era movies are very recognizeable for their often dated music and tacky credit fonts. There was nothing wrong with the opening lettering though, so at least they didn't fail there.

1:37 I will say that Zac Efron in his role as Ted did look a fair bit more like him than this guy does. That said, neither of them really look all that much like Ted, and without any shred of doubt Michael Reilly Burke did a far better job of portraying him than Efron did.

1:48 see I'm proud as fuck of this guy right here because though he may not look a whole shitload like Ted, he DOES look creepy as fuck. And he does an excellent job portraying Ted because he understands the principles behind acting, he is simply a much better actor than Zac Efron. He is convincing and seems very real in this role. Because he's able to channel that incredible creepiness, he does an excellent job with this role.

1:55 LMFAO see he's SOOO much better than that other guy, he even has the voice down to an acceptable degree. Gah... wow dude. Wow. Efron's performance is a fucking embarrassment compared to this. Again, it wasn't Efron's fault he was cast in the role... but seriously.

2:00 this guy did a GREAT job with this role... you can tell he did his level best. And this is some weird goofy shit right here but compared to Efron's more goofy almost nerd-esque portrayal of Ted in some instances it's somehow believable. It's somehow accurate. The actor and what he's able to bring to the table makes all the difference in the world.

I like how they just RIGHT OFF THE BAT make Ted seem super fucking unhinged in this movie, LMFAOOO because let's be honest... IT FUCKING RINGS TRUE DOESN'T IT?! LMFAO!!! Unlike almost EVERYTHING in the 2019 movie, it actually seems plausible that he behaved this way. A lot of the qualms I had about the 2019 movie involved Ted's alleged behavior in private. There were no witnesses, so how did they know what he did when he was alone? They didn't. Whereas with this movie, I can easily accept these scenes because somehow, they just seem completely believable. I think they had tapped into Ted with this movie, but with the 2019 movie, they were trying to make some bizarro romance story out of nothing... totally unwarranted and unacceptable. Not to mention morally bankrupt.

3:20 this scene of him drinking and driving around, totally right on. 

3:30 I like some of the period artistic touches they put in there... the clothes and the colors. They should have taken that approach with the music too.

3:42 see this movie shows him as the depraved fuckin' perv that he was.

5:50 LOL stealing shit... that's fucking hilarious. What the fuck. LMFAOOO. OMG. This is actually funny. This is an important point (psychologically) that was wholly left out in the 2019 movie. Here is an article discussing Ted's kleptomania:

7:40 they must have had SOME KIND OF REASON for using the music they used. I can't fathom it but. Surely.

11:58 see this is what I call an accurate portrayal. This is what I call an accurate recounting of Ted's story. To make a movie like the 2019 film and leave out depictions of the atrocities Ted was guilty of... well it should be a crime in and of itself. 12:00 THIS is the truth of Ted Bundy.

12:30 the cycling through emotions, also very accurate.

19:08 really I should have a serious problem with this scene since it's likely made up. It's very unlikely any of the women Ted knew would have recounted such a story, so I don't really appreciate this scene considering that fact. If he had behaved that way, then he wouldn't have been able to convince the few women he was actually involved with that he was a normal dude. That's what I strongly assume. I can't find any evidence that any of Ted's girlfriends ever discussed him being violent during sex. 

22:20 see this is what was missing from the Efron movie... quite simply, the truth. The truth that Ted was a sick, horrific individual who committed unspeakable acts of violence and savagery. Without depicting that truth (something they did very little of in the 2019 film), it's a mere romanticization of Ted Bundy... which has no place in the world.

26:40 interesting that they chose to have a bunch of people walking by in this scene. That's quite a statement.

28:40 this chick is a way more accurate depiction of these women he was involved with. Kind of annoying, low key slow but not really, homely, etc. 

28:50 exactly, but I'm pretty sure he was way older than 5 when he found that out. Maybe not though. That said, if the two incidents were separated by that much time... then it's even more psychologically upsetting. That's a pattern of total betrayal by family, the extent of which shakes a person's identity to its absolute core.

32:14 totally accurate portrayal again.

33:20 it's so sad... fucking shame on those pieces of filth who made "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile", because they didn't do that title any justice whatsoever. This movie does. This is the real Ted ladies and gentlemen. This is who he was.

36:15 fuckin' horrifying, dude. None of that softass Disney prettyboy bullshit here... none of those bullshit fucking lies at all. 

38:30 LMFAO in no way do I believe this happened, but it's pretty damn funny!

41:30 man they make this chick seem pretty damn unlikeable. Wonder why they chose to do that.

43:38 it's pretty terrible they ever made any movies about him at all to be honest... disrespectful to the families. But really this one isn't as bad as the Efron movie in that regard. They showed what a fucking monster Ted truly was in this movie... but in the Efron movie, it was nothing but a bunch of disgustingly romanticized tripe. That's pretty damn offensive.

44:35 you know it couldn't have been an easy thing for this actor dude to have to play this fucking guy.

50:30 this chick's hair is pretty amazing, gotta admit that. 51:10 LOL she was kicking his ass. 51:40 very well done scene.

55:05 if I saw somebody acting that way anywhere, I'd fucking run like hell.

1:05:36 LOL.

1:22:12 this guy did a great job in this role.

1:29:10 as for the death penalty, I've talked to a lot of people who think it's wrong and should be abolished. My main qualm with it is the issue of the electrocution method particularly. I don't know whose bright idea it was to start putting people to death in "the chair" but it's a terrible thing for the very serious reasons described in these posts:

(05-16-2018, 12:26 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote:
(05-16-2018, 12:18 AM)user174 Wrote: Now it got weird a few days later when the electricity started communicating with me.

Ah yeah you gotta love that eh?!

(02-09-2018, 09:56 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

13:57 it's pretty fascinating because I've known for a long time since being electrocuted as a little kid that it changes your consciousness...

And everyone who's been electrocuted is connected this way.

(02-09-2018, 10:39 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: That's why I advise against electrocution being used in the death penalty...

It gives an easy way for consciousness to latch onto something else and continue its linear travels with some semblance of its past composure.

In other words, these people who are being punished with death via the electric chair could potentially have their consciousness continuing to be aware and perceptive by way of the electrical grid and thus all devices connected to it.

You're not effectively eradicating people re: death penalty/electric chair when their consciousness has the opportunity to fuse with the electrical grid.

(02-09-2018, 10:42 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: And those of us in the "Electrocuted Club" don't appreciate the prevalence of murderers and shit up in here.

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Thus the premise of this movie...
Except for the continuing to kill part... that's just stupid hollywood shite.
Killing people with electricity is for sure one of the dumbest things humanity's ever done...

It's right up there with nuke plants.
Total idiots.

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