Anna "Delvey" Sorokin: Russian Swindler, Fake Heiress, Criminal Genius
This chick deserves a lot more credit for having a brilliant mind and basically no conscience...

She could have done something much worse with those amazing abilities!

I don't approve of immortalizing her with a Netflix series, and really, such popularity makes me question the validity of the entire story.

But at this point I will just go along with her story being true, and if it is true, I'm impressed...

What's the deal though? I don't really get it.

Did she just get everybody else to pay for everything?

I haven't read that much about WTF she did exactly.

Quote:Sorokin would get her friends and traveling companions to pay for large amounts of the trips that they took together, if not all of it by claiming that she had checked her wallet with her luggage, or guilting the friends to cover the cost when her card would be declined. Many others didn't see the red flags when they were asked to pay for things, as Sorokin would claim that she had difficulty moving her assets from overseas, and would laugh it off as forgetfulness when they would have to hound her to pay them back.

Whew, damn! I definitely can't get down with that. But I do find it very interesting...


I find it kinda hard to believe that the people she was getting to pay for the trips didn't get suspicious or simply decline. I bet it never happened twice.

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