Bonafide Bloom: Tarot and Divination Goddess

I love her she's so cute and I love the internet because we get to share our lives, and no matter what we're doing, there's a valid reason for sharing or else we wouldn't be able to do it at this time in history.

Would you just look at this fuckin' hottie.

Such a fun hair do.

Gorgey McGorgeous is live doing an ASMR/chat sesh!

Look at that thumbnail pic though, she’s such a Hottie McHotHot.



Fucking swear, this chick is the sheeeeeeeittttt.
That's a fun chick right there. That's a keeper for life right there.

9:30 I really love this chick... she's pretty damn right on.
She's so pretty... I like her a lot. She seems super cool and fun!

As I listen to this, my neighbors are firing their cannon again...


Circa 5:00 she's kinda ranting about unappreciative friends...

I definitely hear that, I mean I don't have any unappreciative friends per se.

But I can relate to people having their expectations of communicating with you, and it being unfair/imbalanced.

Somebody said something the other day that made me think, it was something along the lines of "Look at the people in your life... who just takes from you and doesn't really give anything?" And I was like, yeah really... fuck these people who just take, take, take. I'm straight up done with it. Honestly, my phone bit the big one this morning and I'm actually relieved because nobody can contact me, LOL!

Circa 11:00 she touched on the Epstein topic, I agree with her. All these suspicious deaths just keep adding up and now this is just getting ridiculous and no one is buying it anymore.

Circa 16:00 she talks about some interesting stuff sorta related to her personal life, but she always makes good general points when she talks about her own story.
(06-03-2019, 01:23 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Cool/blue tone is the fucking devil...

"Devil" is just "evil" with a Big "D".

So, the "Devil" is the "Evil D".
Hands Up!  Panties Down!

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