Supernatural (2005) - Review & Commentary
Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 9 - "First Blood"

11:58 God I love Mexican restaurants.

17:34 LMAO they're DEAD AGAIN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!

21:21 so they're at Longs Peak, Colorado at a government facility that isn't supposed to exist.

36:50 I wondered how they pulled it off, LOL!

Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 10 - "Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets"

11:20 it's interesting how the Castiel character has evolved over the years. He's become a lot more human in some ways.

18:06 an anomaly?! *popcorn*

19:06 ah, Nephilim.

26:48 wow interesting, they make you think she was the girl at first.

27:37 OMG wow, what a BASTARD!!! I mean of course he's a bastard, he LOOKS like a bastard!!!

28:57 oh man, they all need to burn for that shit, including Castiel!!!

30:08 LOL I want to fuck these two so bad.
Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 11 - "Regarding Dean"

6:08 LMAO OMG!!!!!!!!

10:57 LOL... man it'd be awesome to have that magic power ROFL!!!

16:14 LMFAOOOOMGGGGG!!!!!!!!!

This episode is honestly not that bad.

21:30 God Rowena is so hot... soooooooooooooo hot.

21:49 RIGHT LOLOLOL!?!?!?!!!!!!

36:03 LOL I love this.

37:32 LOLOL the look on Sam's face ROFL.

37:58 LMFAOOOO LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Rowena's the only reason I'm still watching the show.
Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 12 - "Stuck In The Middle With You"

4:10 dude I totally have nooo idea what's going on in this episode. At all.

7:49 I think Castiel and Mary should bone.

10:54 barely watching this episode... not into it at all. It's like it's trying to be a Tarantino movie or something.

26:50 this is one of my least favorite episodes ever. I mean Crowley is being treated like some kinda stranger. It's honestly obnoxious.

The mom character as a live part of the show is too new to be very invested in... I really don't care about her at all.

29:44 and what the fuck is with the Western music??? This is so weird and dumb.

This article says it's "art film inspired" and makes comparisons to Tarantino movies, just like I said...

It's truly fricken God awful is what it is.

I'm cranking this one up to 2.40 speed.

36:41 Crowley's pretty awesome, he and Rowena are the two good things about this show now. Of course Dean/Jensen is still hot and so is Sam/Jared, but... shrug.

Crowley's only in like 5 more episodes, and Rowena's only in 7 more... bah.
Without Rowena, what's the point??

What other kinda retarded characters are they gonna bring in that we're supposed to like??

I shudder to think.
Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 13 - "Family Feud"

12:46 ah well it's a slightly interesting storyline I guess.

29:24 that looked pretty cool.

33:38 I think it's pretty safe to say Crowley fricken hates his mom at this point.

39:10 mmmmhmmmm.

40:12 she's meaner than shit... but I still love her. I love Crowley too though.
Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 14 - "The Raid"

5:52 telling their mother she should go?? LOLOL!!! This isn't even fucking believable in any capacity anymore... I mean I know it was never MEANT to be "believable" but. It's just getting ridiculous.

The British men of letters aren't interesting at all.

17:30 it's not quaint or cozy... that's just a stupid statement.
Yeah season 12 is when the show definitely sharply went downhill... unforgivably disgusting propaganda, weak and uninspired storylines, seems like an attempt to break away from what the show originally was. 2017 though, I mean they held out longer than I figured they would. I figured the sick propaganda would start around 2012 at the latest.

The show’s ‘jump the shark’ moment surprisingly wasn’t Dean/Sam dying over and over... it was bringing Mary back from the dead. It could have been good, but I just don’t even care about her character. I like her hair, but otherwise not a fan.

We all know they would have brought the dad back, but that dude costs too much to have on the show.

I’m sure 2018 wasn’t too kind to the show and 2019/the finale will probably suck balls and supremely piss everyone off, even diehard fans. That’s just my guess.
Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 15 - "Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell"

2:19 ahahaha, no way dude... it's totally over. Tap it while you still can!

2:50 undoubtedly something tragic is about to happen so he'll dodge this marriage bullet!

4:00 somehow the concept of the hellhounds has never seemed so dumb as it does in this episode.

4:57 true... he's right.

8:26 so this guy is a conspiritard and mentions reptilians and says the Queen of England is a reptilian.

11:30 Jensen's a lot hotter now than he was when the show first came out. Dudes always look better older.

14:00 I mean they obviously made deals with a crossroads demon, what else could it be??

35:05 LOL Crowley's standoffishness is cute.

36:36 hell yeah Crowley, show that mofo!!!
Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 16 - "Ladies Drink Free"

2:07 dude honest to God if they kill his character off immediately, I'm gonna be pissed. He's so much more likable than she is.

2:29 God what a bitch. I bet they choose her over him too... tasteless fucks. She needs to get dealt with, not him.

2:45 OMG maybe there's a chance after all!!!

Oh FFS. Ah well, at least she got knocked out.

4:14 this British men of letters dude... not really likable either.

6:15 I like Dean's disdain for the British men of letters.

16:20 EMERGERD!!!!!!!!!!!! IS HE RETURNING TO TAKE HER OUT!??!?!?!?!?!?!


Oh wow he better get the hell out of there.

22:00 Dean better catch on to WTF's gone on here.

26:19 case in point. See what isn't believable about this is that Claire isn't trying to bang Sam and Dean.

27:16 LOL she's bit. What a stupid bitch!

29:50 werewolf Claire would be pretty hot TBH.

31:20 BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAH they just scared the SHIT outta THAT guy!!!!!!!!!!!

32:33 well at least he can admit it.

33:42 who the hell is this guy? WTF?

It wasn't a bad episode... pretty decent.
Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 17 - "The British Invasion"

2:46 a fight to the death?! What're they, 12?!

25:11 don't mind if I do, baby!!!!!!!!

28:05 LOL oops.

Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 18 - "The Memory Remains"

Why is it always the likable ones who get killed off at the very beginning lately?

3:06 you know what, since the show is almost entirely failing to entertain me these days, I'm gonna talk on some real shit...

I don't think Jensen is happy and I don't think he's been happy for YEARS.

I think he's very unhappy.

11:27 this is so stupid.

24:40 talking about blood sacrifice to Moloch.

40:34 these lying British men of letters bastards are... a tad obnoxious. This one is slightly growing on me, but only because he seems to have some kinda obsession with Mary.
Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 19 - "The Future"

3:57 there needs to be like a ft. more water in that bath tub.

14:17 wow this Dagon lady is a real cunt!!!


37:58 sheeeeiiiiit, I'm starting to like this devilbaby!!!
Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 20 - "Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes"

2:35 LOLOLOL that's one erect muthafuckin' pendulum yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:05 WTF they've cloned Mary?

9:23 ooooh, it's a shapeshifter.

12:24 these twin hunters are hot, especially the dude. Pretty sure he's gay though. I love his character, super sarcastic. Kendrick Sampson... Unfortunately in real life, he's into some sheer political disease... he's a total extremist, actually. Very much radicalized, quite disturbing.
Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 21 - "There's Something About Mary"

So it's a war with the men of letters and they're trying to take over the hunter world.

8:28 so they're basically mind controlling Mary and having her go out and kill other hunters.

18:00 this old lady seems jelly that all the other chicks are getting action from this men of letters dude!!!

32:26 LOLOLOL.

This is one of the last episodes Crowley is in... :(
Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 22 - "Who We Are"

6:21 bunkers are such a terrible idea LMAO.

9:45 their poor bunker, LOL.

11:00 what a badass, that's pretty hot!!!

11:30 Jody's totally onto her.


32:50 oh shit, FFS.


38:55 that explosion was more than a tad fake looking, but whatevs.
Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 23 - "All Along The Watchtower"

This is the season 12 finale... the end of my bingewatching is in sight.

1:30 awe, what pretty scenery. Misha/Castiel is hot and whatnot but man oh man... real life political views can totally ruin a person's attractiveness. Just knowing that he's an insufferable commie twit in real life makes him at least 34% less attractive.

This chick playing the devilbaby's momma has strange and interesting eyes.

3:58 I KNEW Crowley put his consciousness into the rat, LOL!

This is the last episode Crowley is in... :(

I came to love Crowley after they made him way more likable. Cuz I totally didn't like him at first.

5:08 OMG WHAT HAS LUCI DONE TO ROWENA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

6:49 OMG HOW ARE WE GONNA GET ROWENA BACK!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

7:03 how did they get that truck from the States to Sweden? Isn't that where they're supposed to be in this episode??

12:33 I just don't get why they'd take Crowley off the show... like why? Did Mark Sheppard get another role on another show or something?

16:58 ROFL.

Oh so they're in the PACNW.

22:28 a portal to an alternate reality. Maybe this is how they'll bring Rowena back.


35:28 holy shit... Crowley's taking one for the team??? That's pretty fucking amazing. Gotta say, that's a great exit. If he had to leave, at least it was under some pretty righteous circumstances.

37:50 ah for FUCK'S sake.
Supernatural - Season 13, Episode 1 - "Lost And Found"

1:44 well the devilbaby grew up fast!!!

2:31 looks like this guy's gonna have some of the most interesting powers of anybody on the show.

7:00 it's not the devilbaby's fault Castiel is dead.

31:01 devilbaby Jack is kind of a badass thouuuuuuuggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

39:08 can't Jack just bring Castiel et al back to life? Like they didn't even think of that.

41:00 TBH if you've gotta be stuck in a post-apocalyptic hellworld of an alternate reality, it probably wouldn't be so bad to have Luci. He's kind of entertaining. 70% insufferable douche, 30% entertaining.
Supernatural - Season 13, Episode 2 - "The Rising Son"

1:33 that's an... impeccably white suit. Ooo! I like this guy! He's pretty sexy!

3:40 TBH Dean is such an idiot sometimes, it's pretty annoying.

16:32 so Sam's anti-possession tattoo makes an appearance again... it's been a long while since they addressed what the heck happened to it. Never showed him getting it again, but apparently he's got it back now.


25:57 see! Luci comes in handy!

30:21 hot damn Dean, wowza, what a shot!!!

34:15 I gotta be honest, I'm even starting to like this Luci dude.

37:37 LOL he's funny!
Supernatural - Season 13, Episode 3 - "Patience"

1:20 oooh, this psychic chick is super hot!

18:24 pretty good episode so far.

37:22 sounds like regular life to me?!


39:50 Dean is being retarded. Unrealistically, unreasonably retarded.

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