Supernatural (2005) - Commentary & Analysis
Supernatural - Season 6, Episode 19 - "Mommy Dearest"

8:30 fuckin' niiiiiice, Castiel is so handy!!!

You know, it's strange when I watch it in normal speed... seems slow. They seem to talk slow, seems to move slow. It's really odd.

9:32 I agree with Bobby, tablets and phones are sad sorry excuses for "computers"... there should be a physical mouse and keyboard. Period.

36:00 brilliant move by Dean.

37:10 I love the way Castiel springs into action and angel nukes them all. So sexy.

40:20 righteous bitchin' music choice.
Supernatural - Season 6, Episode 20 - "The Man Who Would Be King"

This episode starts off with Castiel looking like he's pondering some pretty intense shit.

Oh wow, it's story time with Castiel.

3:09 oh my damn, they just broke the shit out of the 4th wall!!!

6:00 it's fucked up that Castiel is working with Crowley.

10:16 oh my damn, look, it's a fineass ginger!!!

24:14 it makes sense that Castiel would be protective of Dean etc. since, you know, he's an angel and that's kinda what they're supposed to do, right?


39:45 I do love Castiel and Dean's relationship though.
Supernatural - Season 6, Episode 21 - "Let It Bleed"

2:34 so that was supposed to be H. P. Lovecraft?? I thought he looked pretty sexy!!!

4:55 aaaand of course they have to make a racial statement... facepalm.

5:47 yeah NOOOO SHIT. That's what I'm screamin'. That's the OBVIOUS thing to do, but nobody ever fuckin' does it. If you REALLY wanna be fuckin' baller about it, you have a ROPE already RIGGED to get out the window/down the house with. FUCKING amateurs.

6:52 I looooove it when Dean threatens to kill people... soooo hot!!! *rubs nanner in mindless ecstasy*


10:07 I love it when Bobby dresses up for a role!


24:15, it's the MILF???


32:31 a "C minus lay"??? HAH! We KNOW that's not true. Just his looks alone make him at least a B+ and that can't be argued with! "Tiny Tim"... ROFL. It wouldn't even matter if he did have a tiny dick! A dude that hot, you could just hump his leg and thank God you ever got the chance!

34:21 uuuuhhhh, how about calling Castiel? LOL! Just sayin'.

36:51 I'd rather be friends with Castiel than this chick and her kid anyway. I mean come on. He's a freakin' angel.
Supernatural - Season 6, Episode 22 - "The Man Who Knew Too Much"

The season finale, apparently this one is about Sam's soul/mind wall coming down and remembering everything.

2:30 okay, first of all, this lady is pretty damn fucking foxy, let's be honest. She's hotter than most of the chicks they ever have on here. And secondly, ummm, Sam is hot as fuck especially when he's all flustered from running/being chased... I'd give him whatever he wanted!!!

2:47 EMERGERD HE HAS AMNESIA!!! ROFLMAO that dramatic soap opera-esque stare. ROFL. I love it. When THIS show does it. LOL. Or when it's a Mexican soap opera, those are the best.

4:42 this bar chick lady is pretty righteous TBH. I hope he doesn't do anything weird to her.

5:41 oh hell yeah... I'd be letting her. I totally would be. I like her!

10:30 God he's so fuckable.

11:03 "male model type" ROFLROFLROFL.

13:05 oh this is a confusing episode!!!

14:30 dude that fan blade moving like that would be so distracting when you were trying to sleep.

16:00 yeah like, I'm not even team Sam, but honestly, I love it when this fuckin' guy gets unhinged, it makes me totally horny and I'd definitely let him boss me around.

21:18 oooo, looks like Soulless Sammy did worse things than we even assumed!!! Still hot as fuck though, my God.

27:42 he took in Soulless Sam, which was a very useful callous and cold aspect of himself... I think he'll be able to take it.

32:12 OMG the car! That thing's been rebuilt like 5 times at this point.

33:04 LMFAOOOOOO ANOTHERRRRR dramatic soap opera stare!!!!!!!!!!!!!

36:16 OMG IT'S SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonder WTF he's got up his sleeve!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet he's got some cool new powers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

38:42 ooooo, I like the new and empowered Castiel. I meeean, he's turned kinda dark but... it's super hot.

40:40 oooh. Oh shit. WTF. I can't tell if that was the right move or not. LMAO.



Good season finale though.
Supernatural - Season 7, Episode 1 - "Meet The New Boss"

I'd be bowing the fuck down no problem. LMFAO at least he told them to stop.

4:25 I can tell this is going to be a pretty decent season... maybe even good.

Castiel playing God is pretty hot TBH... Misha is good at acting like a non-pussy. If only he was that way in real life.

5:50 I wonder if Jensen Ackles can actually do anything hardcore in real life. Like I wonder if he's afraid to get his hands dirty and be super manly and shit, like... I wonder if he's a pussy like Misha.

7:50 so I guess this is supposed to be the 'Landover Baptist church' archetype or something? And they're gonna have Castiel/God step in and set 'em straight. Slightly propagandized move by them.

10:40 LMFAO @ Dean fixing his car while listening to the radio and all the havoc Castiel is causing.

13:30 it's pretty obvious that Castiel's vessel can't contain being God, it's just not gonna work.

19:50 interesting mention of fulgurite, which is sand that has been struck by lightning, resulting in a crystal. Here's a pic: It makes Lichtenberg figures, which I find very fascinating:

22:10 ROFLMAO they're gonna do it right in front of these people!!!

23:49 LMFAO fried pickle chips!!! Hell yes, Dean knows what we want!!!

24:55 LMFAOOOO @ the people tied up watching, bwhahahaha this is so funny. It's very cute.

25:31 oh no, not the Leviathans!!!!!!!!!!!!

26:20 man you know what, I really hope Castiel returns back to his old angel self sometime soon.

35:34 ummm, not right now. Like, bad time.

36:04 Sam is so woke... God. Team Sam, I respect you.

41:11 aw man... ah well, Leviathan Castiel seems way more fun and spunky than God Castiel so, whatevs.
Jared and Jensen used to live together in a Vancouver apartment while filming Supernatural there...

Imagine how many orgies they must have had!
I really should double check my info now that we’re in a timeline where Jensen didn’t meet his wife on Supernatural.

WTF, those pesky timelines...



Meh not really. Nothing surprises me anymore.
Especially not stupid shit like this.
Home Invader: Blue haired ‘devil possessed’ woman, “Her eyes were completely black”...

Supernatural - Season 7, Episode 2 - "Hello, Cruel World"

1:02 uh oh... looks like this Misha dude's gonna be pretty terrible at playing a bad guy.

Looks more like the lead singer of a goth band than a 'bad guy'.

2:30 to be honest, I feel like Jared would probably be the hottest fuck.

3:46 LMFAO so Castiel/Leviathan is gonna pull a Prometheus eh? This episode came out in 2011, before Prometheus was released, but maybe they were being filmed around the same time.

5:26 awwwe, Dean is so sad that Castiel is dead (again)... I totally approve of their fondness of each other. Castiel is one of best characters on the show after all. He's probably the favorite for a lot of people.

9:20 poor Sam, it's like schizophrenia.

17:08 creepy as fuuuuuuckkkkkk.

17:45 that was sooo cheeseball.

18:32 LMFAO great scene. "I'm Dr. Sexy. Your surgery is when I say it is." ROFLROFL! So creepy.

19:22 about tired of Sam's delusions!

23:50 "bag lady moment" LOL brooooo. Uncalled for!

29:00 Bobby IS a hero... fucking love that guy.

30:15 oh great so this isn't even the real Dean... *facepalm* This is fucking ridiculous.

31:41 I wouldn't mind having a hallucination like that though, I mean, especially if his hotass body feels real.

34:00 awwwe, this is so sad. He really needs to get a fucking grip!

36:15 God these two are so great... me so horny.

40:30 too much drama in this show.
Supernatural - Season 7, Episode 3 - "The Girl Next Door"

2:40 Bobby cleans up real nice!

5:28 LMAO would ya look at that... it's a Mexican soap opera.

7:04 you know what... the more warped and intense Sam's life gets, the hotter I think he is.

16:09 what kinda asshole move is it to not answer the phone?? It's fricken stupid.

17:37 God... team Sam is starting to look better and better all the time. I do believe I'm becoming turnt.

22:20 oh shit NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

31:30 awe such a sweet story, legit!!!

33:34 hell yeah! That's love, baby!

38:00 ummm, OMG! Is Dean gonna kill her?! I mean, TBH that's kinda hot. I'd rather get wasted by Dean than Sam. But he better hope Sam doesn't find out cuz that's... kiiinda fucked up. I'd definitely be pissed at him.
Supernatural - Season 7, Episode 4 - "Defending Your Life"

1:53 okay that was just... fucking stupid. Like to an unforgivable degree.

2:14 Sam's cute little schizophrenia quirks make me wanna fuck so bad!

7:40 just when you thought it couldn't get any more stupid.

15:20 "You look like you've seen some crap!"

26:23 I dunno, it's kind of a different concept. The episode mostly sucked until this scene.

31:45 that was a pretty bullshit portrayal of Osiris, gotta say, damn near offensive.

38:54 awwwe, that was such a nice end. Those feels though!
Supernatural - Season 7, Episode 5 - "Shut Up, Dr. Phil"


2:54 I love that Dean sleeps fully clothed, you know I used to sleep naked but now I sleep with all my clothes on too. It just saves time so I don't have to get dressed when I get up.

9:12 oh that's fucked up!!! Good one!!!

12:49 nice song.

19:33 for real, getting involved with all these chicks is fricken dangerous.

20:38 I mean, if I came home and found Dean in my house, I wouldn't scream.

22:02 NOOOOOO, IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!!!!

23:00 ROFLLLLMFAOOOO!!!!! "Should I slug her?" Bwahahahahahaha, God yes!!!

35:05 800 years ROFL... this scene was adorable, let's be honest.
Supernatural - Season 7, Episode 6 - "Slash Fiction"

1:32 OMG WTF ARE THEY DOING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

2:14 WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

6:21 ROFL this show is totally funny though, I love the funny ones... that's where it really shines. There's enough serious crap out there.

12:18 LMFAOLOLOLOLOL, fucking awesome.

15:49 I hear you on that Bobby.

18:15 LMFAO.

21:03 dammit! These FUCKIN' clones! What a couple of assholes!

21:52 I'm suspicious of this sheriff lady, I think she's been cloned too.

30:33 LOL I love how the wardens always get won over to their side.

35:54 Bobby is such a sweetie, I'd totally wife him.

38:20 I KINDA like the Crowley character... not A LOT, but definitely a little.
Supernatural - Season 7, Episode 7 - "The Mentalists"

3:10 great filming on that scene!!!


6:52 I get that killing the chick was a betrayal of trust but Sam's really gotta get over it.

13:42 they even look good in this shitty car.

21:32 why do the ghosts always look all dirty and disheveled?? Lil stereotypical.

23:47 great scene!!!

26:48 uhhhh, what about the part where she asks why isn't anybody listening? That's... kind of a red flag.

37:10 hell yeah baby. Agh. So hot!

37:40 they really should invest in some matches or something... all this bone burning is a huge waste of Zippos.
Supernatural - Season 7, Episode 8 - "Season 7, Time For A Wedding"

1:18 love this chick's hairstyle. Not wild about the color but the cut is great.

3:54 LMAO what the fuck is going on here?!?

4:18 uh oh, somebody's put a spell on Sam.

LOL this episode looks like a funny one!!!

9:36 BWAHAHAHAHA TOLD YAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:50 honestly this setting is kinda charming.

LOL this is awful! Why would anybody want to put a fake love spell on another person!?

12:20 uh oh, who is this creepster?!

21:31 WHO IS this fuckin' guy?!

24:30 TBH I ship this Becky chick with the black guy... he's pretty good looking.

27:09 OMG I never would have thought!!! This guy is a really enjoyable actor too.


33:46 I like the way this episode came around to the hunt in this roundabout way. It's actually well done in that aspect.

36:07 "I'm sure you have a wonderful personality, dear." ROFLROFLROFL.
Supernatural - Season 7, Episode 9 - "How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters"

1:27 bitchin' sleeping bags!

16:26 I think Dean's Turducken sammich was laced!!!

30:31 this is what they do to all the food.
Supernatural - Season 7, Episode 10 - "Death's Door"

3:04 wow so what is this?? Bobby's purgatory??

3:40 looks like it's turning into heaven!!!

Apparently according to IMDb Bobby wasn't really on the show a whole hell of a lot from here on out. I mean he was but, especially for a few seasons, he was very scarce. Wonder why.

Wow apparently it's because he dies in this episode!!! OMG!!! But he must make appearances in future episodes. He has several more episode listings on IMDb so it's definitely not the end, but he does appear to die in this one.

23:30 "Walk away from me." God there's nothing I love more than a pissed off Dean.

29:10 it sucks they're killing him off... we're only half way through the show, and he's a great character.

31:50 did this reaper asshole just harp on Barney Miller re-runs??? That's about the most appalling thing I've ever heard.

33:46 "Kids ain't supposed to be grateful... they're supposed to eat your food and break your heart, you selfish dick." Epic line right there, you gotta admit.

37:04 no way you'd ever get a high quality felt tip marker/pen like that at a hospital, but I'll let it slide.

38:26 I feel like people are totally desensitized to people dying on Supernatural... let's be honest.
Supernatural - Season 7, Episode 11 - "Adventures In Babysitting"

2:04 what do they call these chicks? Lot rats?

Oh, lot lizards...

8:06 I'd be lettin' that motherfucker in!!! I wish a hotass dude like that would show up at my door!!!

9:03 he's so freakin' hot. My God. It's wrong to be that hot. It's totally wrong.

9:33 that's what I thought bitch, go make some fuckin' coffee!!! (I'd make that motherfucker some coffee all day and night.) Oh it was a trick, he didn't he want the coffee for real, he just wanted to snoop.

10:16 ooo, her dad looks hot. Oh wait, that's the dude from the beginning of the episode, LOL.

TBH this episode is kinda makin' me wanna go to Dodge City even though it's in fuckin' Kansas...

I just love the American west.

11:20 uhhh, no it's not. The Leviathans are giggly smartasses.

11:38 wow, WTF! Gwyneth Paltrow? Really?

12:20 they've cut themselves like eleventy thousand times in this show... and they always cut way more than they need to in order to prove their point. It's stupid.

20:47 she's a super hot lot lizard, way way too high quality to be believable. It's a brilliant hooker move to wear your name as a necklace!

21:18 OMG THEY JUST BIT SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweetest piece of meat they've had in a hot minute for sure!!! Muwahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24:00 it's good advice.

24:33 "No, I'm Sam's even hotter brother."

36:40 niiice!!! This kid is the shit!!!

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