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(10-29-2019, 12:51 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: So apparently Jared Padalecki got arrested in Austin, TX outside a bar on Sunday, October 27.

A bar called "Stereotype" (the fuck kinda name is that for a bar?) that he is said to own a share of at the least and may flat out own it at the most. My guess is he probably just owns a share of it...

But that doesn't help too much with the rumors that this was a publicity stunt. Three episodes of season 15 have been released so far. Dunno if they're actually done with filming yet though.

Dunno what any of the season subject matter is about, but his 'arrest' could coincide with it... I won't know that until I get around to watching season 15, God knows when. It's not really a priority for me and I still have season 13/14 to finish.

While in my opinion he does look legitimately wasted in the picture, his hair is too perfect looking for the situation. My guess is leaning toward 70% chance of publicity stunt, 30% chance of it being genuine.

(10-29-2019, 01:14 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: If it was a legitimate incident, it was probably spurned by somebody fucking with him. Maybe he was just too drunk, like any other time he could take the BS but not this time.

(10-29-2019, 01:16 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Jared is a Chinese zodiac Dog after all, they're known for having a problem with alcohol and other substances. What's always surprising with Dogs is if they DON'T have those problems. Throw in being a Cancer on top of it and you have the makings for emotional outbursts, but usually only at a breaking point, or if solicited.

(10-29-2019, 06:21 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

Recording obviously started after whatever exchange set this off...

Looks like the guy is strangling Jared and Jared has him in a chokehold...

But can you really call that a chokehold??? That's just like Jared's arm around the guy's neck/shoulder and he's holding his hand in his other hand. Is that the definition of a chokehold??

I dunno, it's hard to tell what the hell is going on here but I'll give my take on it...

From the move Jared was making at 0:04 it looks like he's trying to get the guy off him...

One of them is repeating the same couple words, but I can't hear what the words are. I think it's the guy in the chokehold saying it. It's unclear which one says "Yes"... I can't figure out what's being said or by who. They stop choking each other (LMAO) and then Jared puts his hands up and the guy remains in a defensive/on-guard "What the hell?" kinda stance. Jared makes some weird kinda move with his fingers after he puts his hands up. But by Jared's movements etc. it seems like a move you'd make when you went too far with some shit but you knew it was a bad idea in the first place sooo.

That or maybe Jared started out by defending himself against an asshole, but then after a while it became clear he was stronger than the other guy and Jared continued dominating him beyond the realm of necessity, then the other guy got all freaked out and scared.

Could have also been a case of two drunk dudes agreeing to fight each other... or play fight. You know they do that kinda stupid shit sometimes.

0:16 though I mean, Jared is FUUUUUUUUUUCKED up. And that ain't acting either, that's some real shit. He's leaning against the car and looks fucked up out of his mind. I dunno if JUST alcohol makes those kinda movements... he could be fucked up on more than alcohol. 0:23 looks like some shit I've seen on crackhead videos.

The people filming inside are saying they never served him.

0:32 he's getting money out and the conclusion mostly everyone seems to come to is that he's gonna attempt to bribe the cops. I think that's even what some of the people filming are talking about.

0:36 there are some suspicious looking people hanging around outside... the people filming say "Tyler's here too?" whoever that is, and someone else says "He's in a Santa suit" or something. WTF.

I still stick to my original theory that the dude was probably talking shit or something... I'm sure he probably started it, and then Jared just continued it for longer than it should have been.

(10-29-2019, 06:33 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Apparently "Tyler" is the manager of the bar.

This article says he attacked the managers, Ian and Tyler.

Apparently an argument began in the bar, then Jared was escorted outside, then outside he started arguing with Ian who he proceeded to bitchslap twice.

Says that Tyler was bleeding when the police talked to him, and therefore supposedly Jared attacked them both.

The article says that Jared tried to re-enter the bar and Tyler tried to stop him by getting in between him and the door guy and that Jared fell down, and when he got back up he hit Tyler.

That article says Jared kept touching the officers.

Someone else who worked there said that Jared was the antagonist 100%...


Well it's not like he's ever been in trouble before, gotta be a story behind it.
I wouldn't trust anything the employees say... chances are they will paint him as the bad guy even if he really wasn't just because he's "the man". He's rich and famous, they're all secretly jealous... friends to his face, foes to his back. That's always how it is.

He was definitely inexcusably drunk but... this whole getting in trouble thingy is an anomaly in his life pattern/cycle. Which means either it was a mere publicity stunt, or he experienced an emotional upset pretty high on his personal Richter scale.

And the part about how he supposedly kept touching the police... just goes to show he never deals with them/is totally clueless and doesn't know how to act around them.

Still leaning toward a likely publicity stunt at this point, but... I think he was fuuuuuucked up for real.

It's an oddity... no matter how you cut the cards.
If it is a solid publicity stunt, in the future they really need to keep in mind that behavioral experts are out there cluing the general populace in to how to read people/situations. The nature of patterns/cycles regarding behavior, life events, etc. are becoming common knowledge. If something doesn't fit, people are mostly just going to be suspicious of it rather than buy into the narrative.

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