Supernatural (2005) - Commentary & Analysis
Supernatural - Season 13, Episode 4 - "The Big Empty"

3:58 LOL, the Anakin bit was pretty funny.

13:18 TBH I fucking hate the word "catharsis".
Supernatural - Season 13, Episode 5 - "Advanced Thanatology"

5:08 well at least the likable one got away?!

6:45 uuuuhhhh, he got laid by being hot as fuck? Just a guess.

12:18 LOL I feel bad for this kid, OMG. Nobody better come for him, I'll be so pissed.


31:42 they call reality a "multiversal quantum construct".

33:57 this is really a pretty good scene.

There's like this SUPER palpable tension between Jensen and Jared that really suggests to me they don't get along THAT fucking well these days.

I think Jensen feels like he's just NOT taken seriously... whether that's true or not. I feel like he's got some kinda complex.

And holy fuck, how are these people SOOO easy to read!?!?!?!

The body language/facial expression/vocal response out of Jensen after Jared's "jumping the shark" statement, 1:35 I mean...

It's just amazingly transparent, it's like you can see their every thought.

His "No" and then the sniff, and the way he looks down after that...

How are these actors so easy to read in interviews etc.?? You can't hugely see all their thoughts and feelings on the actual show. You can pick up on certain things, but it's not like this.

What boggles my mind is Jensen's super intense, hardcore mental and emotional landscape...

I feel bad for that guy. I dunno what's up with the whole 9 yards but it's VERY strange.

Damn, Jensen was in Kentucky the other day!!!

He should have stopped by to see me!!!

Dancing Banana 
I'll make him feel better about life.
Sad Nana 
(Probably not really. I'm not a miracle worker.)
That honesty thouuuughhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But seriously, I wonder what Jensen will do when the show ends?

I still vote he should retire from hollyweird and have a nice musical residency at his Family Business Co. brewery.

There's no way I'd continue on in the acting rat race...

He probably will though. Unfortunately it'll mean he has to give up even more of his soul and do God only knows what to be allowed into a bigtime hollywank film...

*shakes head*

There's still hope for him at this point, but if he chooses the path of greed/ego, shit will just get even darker for him.

Cuz that dude is not that happy, he just isn't. It's very plain to see. Whatever the reason why, who knows.

It would do him good to turn over a new leaf in life and just... play some music and nurture his soul.
He seems like he really needs healing. Seems like there's just been this cloud of darkness over him and it's been getting darker for years.

I sense a lot of feelings of being undervalued... although it's hard to find the proper word to explain the feelings, that is somewhat close. Undervalued, not taken seriously, misunderstood somehow... it's almost like people just assume a lot about him.

They probably assume his life is super easy because he's really good looking and rich (and famous). They probably assume he's just not that smart because he's so beautiful. They probably assume he enjoys all of it... ha.
(I wrote this weeks ago whilst on a plane from Taipei to Bangkok. And no, I don't recommend going to either place.)

Supernatural - Season 13, Episode 6 - "Tombstone"

1:50 Dodge City hell yeah!!! I'm kind of curious to visit Dodge City TBH, I LOVE the old west style places.

It's been so long since I watched Supernatural it honestly seems pretty dumb now. Like I can't even remember what happened.

3:46 see these are the parts that I think are so silly because they've seen COUNTLESS people come back from the dead at this point, how could they EVER be surprised.

I did think the portrayal of the "Empty" was pretty good with the way they made the entity in the Empty take the form of Castiel. It's such a right on allegory of what disembodied consciousness (nothingness) really is. It's all just us. Everything is just us.

5:58 I think it's rather amazing that they're bringing Jack and Castiel back together. It had fuck all to do with Jack though... like literally nothing. They're so wrong about this.

7:00 they act like telekenetic movement of the pencil is some kinda big deal or something. And Sam acts like it's low key evil or something even though he was the one who suggested he ever try to move it.

8:00 LOL SEE!!! Dean is right... it IS awesome.

8:50 I totally feel like I've seen that room before.

9:20 LMAO WHO DOESN'T like cowboys!? I'm totally going to Dodge.

10:04 "You're in a good mood huh?" Dude I hate it when people make comments like that!

11:30 oh come on what was that even?? See that's the kinda stuff I don't like about this show.

13:00 Misha's acting is kinda off in this episode.

13:39 we didn't even know Dean was an "angry sleeper". It's news to us.

15:05 LOL, cowboy hats and trenchcoats don't really go together.

"I'm your huckleberry" LMFAOMG!!!

15:50 LOL I didn't know "Space Cowboy" was a song, WTF!!!

17:15 LMFAO okay that actually cracked me up. Jensen's southern accent is surprisingly bad!

18:17 ooo, I like this lady's style!!! Some great music in this episode.

"He's a trainee, top of his class"... that was pretty convincing.

22:10 wow how great would it be to have your own 1800s cowboy?!

Are we supposed to believe this resurrected cowboy dude and this chick are legit dating??

LOL Athena is a hottie!

27:05 "I've got this!" LOL famous last words.

Whatever, can't Jack just bring him back to life??

31:10 "We need to get the hell out of Dodge now!" LMAO, I bet they wrote this whole episode just so they could use that line.

Told you he felt this way.
Sounds like somebody's sick of the bullshit!

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