Brewster McCloud (1970) - Review and Commentary

This movie is on BitChute, which I've never used to watch much besides some of my own videos that are uploaded there. The timestamping situation looks to be pretty perfect on BitChute, almost even better than YouTube actually. As some of you may know, timestamping is my favorite (and I personally believe the most important) aspect of reviewing any video. This upload starts right at the MGM lion part, so it should be easy to track the accuracy of these timestamps throughout the film regardless of where/how you're watching it.

Here are the links:

Now I am a huge fan of Harold and Maude (1971), one of the greatest movies of all time, of course starring Bud Cort, who is also in this movie... and Brewster McCloud came out a year before Harold and Maude.

Very interested to watch this movie, not just because of Bud Cort, but the synopsis sounds quite intriguing... a "mysterious guardian angel"?? Hmmm!!!

0:27 yeah this is definitely a weird one... the birds everywhere. This is pretty exciting... a classic movie I've definitely never seen, no idea what's going to happen.

1:10 I wonder where this desire of man comes from... I guess it IS from watching the birds etc. But I really think it's deeper than that. 

2:27 it's at this point I have to make it clear that "weird" movies aren't really my forte. Like even though I am a weird motherfucker myself, I can't say I'm particularly "into" weird movies.

3:12 LOL could you imagine dealing with a bitch like that?! 

4:06 awwwe, Bud Cort was such a cutie. It's so unfair that everybody's all old and shit now, like SUPER old!!! Like come on, this wasn't even that long ago. You KNOW it. You KNOW it wasn't.

5:13 ooo, funky jam, I like it!!!

But I mean that guy is pretty dang old, Bud Cort was born in like 1948 which makes him 22 here and 23 in Harold and Maude. Agh, such a cutie!

Strange lookin' motherfucker though. I'll probably be like Bud Cort if I live to get old! I really like him though.

Bud Cort's one of those actors who isn't in ALL THAT MUCH stuff, like he's in a fair bit of stuff, but not a huge amount of stuff. But what he's been in has been fuckinggggg amazeballs. LEGENDARY shit.

We're so compatible though, OMG it's insane... that's probably why I liked Harold and Maude so much. Soulmates though.

Wonder what his deal is?? Looks like he was never married?? Is he super gay or something?? Apparently he almost died in a car accident in 1979, age of 31. That's some Saturn return shit right there ain't it though? Facepalm!!! Apparently he had to have a bunch of plastic surgery because it hurt his face. TBH I could never tell he had an accident. And he always looked weird in the first place, so whatever.

I mean, oddly he doesn't strike me as hella gay and he never really has, but you know how all those hollywood old guard puppets are... totally gay for pay, do terrible nasty perverse things to secure their place in the crumbling elitist infrastructure, I'm sure Bud is no different. But let's try to cast that knowledge aside for this short sojourn into movieland so I can at least halfway enjoy myself. If he IS totally gay, at least he never came out and smeared it in all our faces against our wills.

8:00 uh oh who is this weirdo lookin' guy supposed to be? Less than 10 minutes in and I've already completely lost the plot in every single capacity.

9:00 one thing I notice about Bud's characters back in these days is that they're always driving. This movie he's driving this old guy around (bitchin' hat BTW) and in Harold and Maude he's got the obsession with his modified hearse car.

10:50 Bud looks simply fuckable in this scene, it's the hat and the exposed chest. LMFAO. 11:00 OMG wow! Ahahahaha. Were they trying to tell us something?!

11:30 BWAHAHAHA OMG look at that shit, this movie is inappropriate as fuck!!! I love the inappropriateness.

12:20 hmmm, this movie is starting to seem familiar.

12:40 LOL that guy had it coming!!!

13:00 LOL it's a good allegory of total greed.

14:08 ooo, that lady's pretty hot.

15:50 ooooo, this cop guy is my kinda shit right here. Michael Murphy:

16:58 LMFAO holy fricken shit, this movie is sooo inappropriate!!! Fucking awesome!!!

17:20 hmmm, this is really weird. Strangling killings, and showing this music director lady from the beginning of the movie dead and covered in bird shit. What in the hell kinda symbolism is that??

19:56 oh fuck yeah baby take it all off. This guy is hot as fuck OMG. 

Apparently Bud Cort lived with Groucho Marx for like 8 years, so... I guess they were like super gay lovers, sorta like Harold and Maude in real life only it was a crusty old dude instead of a chick.

22:20 oh God man, this movie is full of fucking hotass dudes, this camera salesman guy is hotter than all out pure and total fuck. Gary Chason:

Look I'm not judging Bud Cort for being super gay and getting it on with an incredibly elderly hollywood legend, I mean, that's no different than what everyone else in the old guard paradigm has done to secure their fame. It's just sad, that's all! I guess back then there was really no other choice than to do that if you wanted fame, but today it's different since we have the internet.

26:50 OMG so abusive, holy shit, this is FUCKED up!!! ROFL, oh man... talk about some shit that would never fly in today's hollyweird. So great in its atrociousness!

27:45 I feel like Bud Cort should have been a Pisces.

28:10 ROFLLLLLLL holy shit, the honesty though!!!

28:27 what the fuck is the deal with this lady??

29:17 LOL birdshit everywhere! What the fuck!

I think the lady is the one stranglin' people.

Hmmm. But maybe they'll suggest it's a supernatural strangler, not a real person. 

Is that lady the 'mysterious guardian angel'?? She was on the phone with somebody at 14:00.

Guardian angels don't use the phone?

Starting to get tempted to read the whole plot on the Wiki page because honestly, I don't think it would hurt anything... I've entirely lost the plot from basically the fucking beginning anyway.

So reading the plot on Wiki hasn't spoiled the movie much for me so far, it's highlighted some things pretty well. The bird shit seems to strike the people who are marked to be killed.

35:20 LOL WTF, this guy's turning into a bird!!!

I'm gonna start watching this on 1.25 speed. BitChute is the shit, their player is great. Leaves a bit to be desired if you have to backtrack, goes way too far back. Other than that it's perfect.

36:26 if anybody ever wanted to see Bud Cort naked, here ya go. I was gonna make a joke that he should get naked earlier but... LOL. I didn't say it. 

37:20 LOL this chick totally wants a piece.

37:50 LOL hot dog. This chick is in serious need.

38:30 LMFAO SHE'S TAKING HER CLOTHES OFF. ROFL SMOOTH. This is a great idea. I've never thought of anything like that before... like literally just taking all your clothes off whilst carrying on normal conversation.

39:40 I think this chick needs to get dealt with. It totally sounds like they're having sex. She's pretty annoying truth be told. That was the weirdest non-sex sex scene I've ever seen.

40:50 are those ALL his kids?! LMFAO! The fuck!?

Movie's way better on 1.25 speed.

42:45 wow... what's about to go down here. Notice the scars on her back in the shape of wings. Fascinating. Wow. THERE'S TITTIES AND EVERYTHING HOLY SHIT.

WTF is she BATHING him right now. I'm totally confused. Guy looks like he's genuinely enjoying it.

43:45 she's telling him to avoid sex because it may interfere with his desire/ability to fly.

44:35 Bud is fucking adorable, OMG what a fucking cutie, those eeeeyyyyyeeeeessss.

45:25 OMG that sky scene, that music... agh, so fucking amazingggggggg. Agh, OMG.

This movie has a great soundtrack. That's another thing about the movies I've seen STARRING Bud Cort... not the movies he's just played a part in, but the ones where he's the main.

58:38 I'd totally boff Shelley Duvall but I'm glad he decided to go home instead.


1:05:00 it IS a bitchin' car though, no BS.

1:06:35 God this detective guy is insanely hot... you can't get better looking than that.

1:07:47 HOT damn!!! TIDDIIIIIEZ!!!

1:15:00 not gonna lie, I've been multitasking out the wazoo and barely watching and I have nooo idea what's going on.

Are they pursuing Bud for being the strangler? That's pretty hot.

1:17:55 great scene, great music.

1:19:45 one brown eye and one blue eye? Hmmm, interesting!!!

1:21:00 looks like some shit's about to go down right here. It's low key creepy and I honestly love it.

1:22:25 LOL I feel sorry for this chick. She's pretty hot though!!!

1:27:00 OMG he's the strangler!!! That's so hot!!! Me so horny!!! Of course she turns him in though... because she's a freaking stupid bitch!!!

1:30:48 LOL they think she's crazy!!! Bwahahahahaha.

1:35:45 EWWWWW OMFREAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAOLOLOL EWWWW!!!!!!!!!!

1:36:00 what a great scene LMFAO.

Again, great music. Great soundtrack.

1:37:15 also a great scene, there she goes.

1:39:35 the flight scene enclosed in the dome, it's very symbolic. Looks really cool too. That would be great exercise.

1:42:00 good movie... not a great movie (in my opinion) but definitely better than 99.9% of the sheer fucking trash they make today. Glad I chose to watch it and also glad that 1.25 (and higher) speed exists today.
You'd fit right in with all those skinny bitches in the 70's, MO.

I can see you walking around in the trench coat with nothing underneath and preying on all those horny guys still living with their mothers.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
Mmmmh God, that's a great idea!!!

Big Nanarub
I wanna do it.
I can see it now. You'll be staking out their houses for when their mothers leave, then go knock on the door.

*knock* *knock*

Door opens.

"Hi there!" "Is your mother home?"

"No, she just left."


Then you open you trench coat and flash them, then they faint.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!

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