MO is my muse...LOL
One thing I really like is that it allows the internet to know who I am, but it doesn’t work both ways...

If you knew me in real life, you’d never find me by searching for me.

Unfortunately some people know about this site who shouldn't, and by association the cat’s out of the bag.

But for strangers just meeting me or something, no one can simply look me up online. As someone who’s used the internet and particularly social media as a stalking tool since the MySpace days, I really appreciate that!!!
Well not just MySpace... anywhere that people might’ve been dumb enough to use their real names. People used to do that on their MSN profiles and shit like that sometimes. Kinda rare though in my experience.

Yeah, using your real name online is dumb. It breaks a lot of my own long held personal rules that I viewed as common sense. Rules of the internet, which BTW, I still believe should be upheld.

But in the age of post-Facebook where everyone’s pretty much outed themselves anyway, what I’ve done isn’t that bad. Besides... it was an emergency.
I don't even want to know your real identity. The Interwebz were more fun when everyone used screen names and you could use your imagination about who or what another person might be.
It’s all for a reason. For me anyway, I dunno why the sheeple do it.
Indeed it was common to be known by a screen name (like MO) and a lot of times I’ve identified more with my screen name(s) than my real name.

Growing up on the internet influenced me a lot when it comes to people’s names...

I don’t really refer to people by their names. I just call people “Hey”... or simply start talking to them.
fantasy is always better than the reality
Wayyy way better.
(07-09-2019, 11:24 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I just call people “Hey”... or simply start talking to them.

Ever walk up to a random stranger and say, "Hey, I'm not wearing any panties under this miniskirt? "
I think a better question would be have I ever worn a mini skirt. LMFAO!!!!!!!!
The only time I’ve ever worn anything close to a mini skirt would be a swim suit. I only wear the skirt bottom swim suits because the other kind are too revealing. I don’t even like swimming.
perversions of the flesh are rampant since women started taking that pill

let there be no doubt you are living in sodom and gomorrah 


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