Towers On Mars
Rex/Leak Project posted this video the other day:

But it's an interview with some whacko and God only knows about the quality of their discussion about this topic, I didn't even watch it, I immediately went to find a better informational source:

The search led me to this picture:

Here's the article that picture supposedly came from, but I don't see it in there:

Interesting to note all the other pictures that look like water though.

Looks wet.

Then there's this:

The concept that we could "live" on Mars in these structures really exemplifies the height of 21st century humanity's stupidity. It's right up there with the idea that you can change your gender by mutilating your genitals.

Nevertheless, space travel will happen, I'm sure... it just won't be about building infrastructure to inhabit these other planets. It will be about mining and other resource gathering.

7:56 pretty interesting, I love this stuff.

10:18 good points.

17:40 very interesting.

2:20 it's obvious that a supervolcano took out life on Mars.
2:48 the volcanoes take the same shape as the "towers"... a row of three perfectly spaced apart.
A hundred million years from now, there will be "humans" on another planet studying earth's remnants in just this same way...

(07-12-2019, 05:52 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

@7:05 those look like russian icbm

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