The Carol Burnett Show

0:01 Pretty sure she's saying "you dummy" at the very beginning.

Half a hoot!

2:07 ENTER THE MIRACLE. (Lord knows I would aallllll night long, baby)

2:22 "no, Skip... BUN Buns..."  LOLOL!!! That all important pluralization placement, tho.

2:30 God her voice is fucking marvelous, isn't it? I wouldn't mind seeing this without the tin-can laugh track, I bet it would still play wonderfully.

4:39  OH  MY  GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD her little "oh well" curtsy fucking slayed me so hard. JESUS CHRIST, CAROL. <3<3<3

5:00 - 6:00  This shit should win a Tony. Seriously.

And of course it has to end. But what an ending. LOL!
There were some pretty deep and meaningful skits on that show... they weren't too common, but when they did have them, they were pretty powerful.
This was one I came across lastnight that was pretty interesting in that regard...

"Accident Insurance"

Reading the comments was just as good.
Basically a lot of people thought it was pretty sad, and I have to agree.

It's about what a reaming insurance is, but it's also about her character getting blamed for being accident prone when really it's all other people's faults in an offhand kinda way.
"Like the time you were rushed to the hospital when you choked on a piece of jello", ROFLLOLOLOL
“Monkey Man”

Dresses back then were soooo short OMG.

This is like the “Dog Man” skit.

Harvey Korman playing Carol’s dad in this skit OMG!

They were 6 years apart in age here!!!
WTF, it's a Star Trek parody!?

ROFL, THE TITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fricking BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's absolutely hilarious.

I love this because people are running around with fake tits like that everywhere these days expecting to be taken seriously, but this show treated it for what it is... a total joke, ROFLROFL!!!!!!!!!!

1:15 it's OUTRAGEOUS, LMAO, THIS SKIT IS GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:42 OMG NO WAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:55 OMFG WHAT ISSSS THIIIIISSSSS?!?!?!??!!?!????!?!!?!

I honestly feel like I'm in an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT EARTH REALITY now having seen this, I can't fricken BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was fricken WILD.
Wow apparently that skit came from a 1991 reboot of TCBS that only lasted a couple months!!! Carol looked great though!!!

3:00 look at the way he touches that pillow...

Spock, will you do that one more time?

9:35 ROFL.

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