The Carol Burnett Show
"Product Placement"

God man, these were the GOOD old days.

0:45 roflroflroflmfaooo.

1:16 look at everything in this weird nasty green color, fuck it's gorgeous.

I don’t like musicals (no matter how short they are) as a general rule.

When the video went off I realized I was smiling and had really enjoyed it.

0:41 WHAT THE FUCK!? 2:17 lmaololololol.
"The Lost Purse"

10:00 whoooaaa, look how fuckable that guy is!!!
"The Jolly Green Thing"

3:25 truth disguised in a comedy show?

Venusians (alien species) invisible/inaudible to human males, perceivable only by female humans?

It reminds me of this subject...

(06-21-2018, 05:14 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

21:20 that backs up the concept that mating with the Nephilim caused a mismatch in size of offspring due to the genetic differences. Basically goes along with the idea that male "aliens" reproduced with female earthlings and were able to successfully mate, resulting in a slightly too big offspring that women sometimes don't survive giving birth to. Paired with that is the theory that female aliens are unable to reproduce with male earthlings because the offspring are too small or the sperm doesn't "take" in general.

(11-07-2018, 12:38 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Long ago I came to the conclusion based on a series of personal events and information received that aliens are attracted to the female human sexual experience, and do indeed have interest in studying it.
That was one of the greatest skits ever BTW. ROFLROFL! THAT PLOT TWIST THOUUUUGHHHH!!!

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