Dude people need to stop airing their personal relationships on the internet...
Holy shit people, STAAAWWWP.

I'm seeing this HUGE uptick in people (mostly dumb young people) getting on YouTube and making videos about people in their personal lives...

And I HONEST TO GOD DON'T THINK they actually REALIZE that these people will SEE THESE FUCKING VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!

THOSE are the ones that REALLY get me... the ones who I SINCERELY BELIEVE don't think that the person they're talking about is gonna see the vid.

What, do people think that stalking everybody goes only one way?? Post-MySpace/Facebook internet has made EVERYONEEE into a fucking stalker!!! Everybody stalks everybody!!! And I mean even if they don't do it A LOT, they DO eventually check up on a whole laundry list of people to see what's been going on... EVERYONE does this. 

So I mean... if you're talking about them, THEY WILL SEE IT.

And because of the nature of consciousness, if you're talking about them they'll probably see it EVEN SOONER than they might normally see it. AND if OTHER PEOPLE who know you AND THEM are watching your videos (BECAUSE THEY AREEE) then they'll probably tip that person off anyway.

Don't fricken go on YouTube (or the internet AT ALLLLLL) and talk about your PERSONAL FUCKING RELATIONSHIPS, OMG.

It's bad enough to write the shit on MoronBook or whatever, LET ALONE to make a VIDEO showing yourself TALKING ABOUT IT. Like that's... honestly so much worse and so much more cringey.

If you've got problems with people you know, go to someone else you know and talk to them about it, or write it down in a journal, or go and see a counselor. Stop airing it on the internet for FUCKINGGG EVERYONEEE to see it.

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