Chicks who are obsessed with their hair crack me up...
Dancing Banana 
It's so dumb to me... 

They identify so hard with their hair.

It's not wise to be so obsessed with fleeting physical attributes.

No offense if you're a chick who shows pics of your hair before you even show your face, LOL...

But I am just telling you, you may want to shift your focus.
I used to be obsessed with my hair...

I don't see how anybody makes it past 25 and still obsesses on their hair.

And some of these chicks are fairly smart too, they even seem wise about some topics...

But I guess we all have our weaknesses.

I am just glad that I have matured beyond that point...

Yet a lot of these hair obsessed women are older than me.

I guess different people are different...

But I feel bad for them, because all things must pass...

Your hair isn't safe from the ravages of time and the cruelty of life.
So dangerous to put so much stock in any aspect of one's physicality...

Would be a hard, painful lesson to learn if that's all you really depended on or loved about yourself.

I bet a lot of people wouldn't even make it past that lesson...

That's why there are so many totally broken people using all kinds of crutches to get by in everyday life...

Of course it's not just women, it's vain men too...

Nobody is safe.
It's like barnyard animals running around trying to impress each other with their tails and shit...


It's cute at first, but then one starts to wonder (if one is capable of doing so)...

Is there anything of value hidden in there anywhere??

I will say this though, props to ladies with REAL hair...

A lot of chicks running around out there with 5 ft. hair extensions when their real hair is all short and broken off from being perpetually dyed and fried.

If your hair is real, you get brownie points...

Those chicks with the fake hair are way way worse than the super vain chicks with real hair.

I feel the same about real nails vs. fake nails too, although I find the hair thing way more sad.
Not sure sad is the right word...

Pitiful maybe.

I think pity is closer to what I feel for those women.

More accurate than sadness.
I just feel pity for them because time will destroy their sense of self if fleeting physical attributes are all they have to cling onto.

It's not just hair, it's their looks in general...

But the women who I guess don't have confidence in the other aspects of their appearance and just flaunt the hair really hard, that's like...

Next level shit.
The plight of humanity is so horrible...

So sad.
They cling so hard to something they think will impress other people and gain friends/resources...

But when it's ripped away from them and they have nothing left, what then??

If that's all they love about themselves, all they focus on, all they cultivate...

They're just absolutely fucked.

You have to cultivate REAL self love...

Cultivate qualities that are still WITHIN yourself even after the outside is chipped away little by little.
(08-11-2019, 04:10 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Cultivate qualities that are still WITHIN yourself even after the outside is chipped away little by little.

Because it will be.

Planning for the future is important in every aspect of life, not just monetarily etc.

Planning for the eventuality of having nothing shiny and attractive to offer on a physical level is indispensable for the longterm...

If you don't do that then you really don't plan to live, do you?

It's just common sense.
This is why women HAVE GOT to hone in their home making skills, their care-taking skills, their knowledge base of EVERYTHING related to nourishment, nurturing, care for others. Being crafty, being able to create with their hands and whatever materials they have. Knowing how to take care of animals. Their ability to cook, and not just to survive, to cook for ENJOYMENT. When times are hard and bad, you gotta be able to make something that is going to LIFT SPIRITS.

We (as women) are here to care for children, men, animals, etc. through all these various methods and a huge part of that is boosting morale.

When your hair thins and goes gray, you better have something to offer that will actually feed and nurture something/someone.
I can't eat your damn hair, lady.
I know I used the dancing banana for the thread icon, and in the beginning I was legitimately amused but...

TBH it's just serious and goes so far beyond vanity and into the realm of innate human flaws that cause the downfall of society in general.

I've said my piece though, and I realize life has to be fun and not just terribly serious.

So chicks can have their fun with their hair and other superficial crap I guess, but man oh man. Tough.
hair crack?
Dancing Banana 
Nair-y a hair on this crack, baby!

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