clean living man FORCED into homosexual bus
Thumbs Down 
SODOM and GOMMORAH  , that's what happened in the bible people who lived in those cities forced visitors into their debauchery 

the western world is simply disgusting and doomed just like shirley phelps preaches
this is why i fell in love with SAW, SAW 2, SAW 3, SAW 4, SAW 5, SAW6, SAW FINAL and JIGSAW
Dancing Banana 
So THAT'S what's wrong with you!
I bet everyone was very stern with him.

"Sir? SIR. EXCUSE ME." (snaps fingers in z formation). That is NOT where you sit. Look down at your sweater. What color is it? That's right. It's BLUE. There is NO WAY you are going to sit next to Matheo who ALWAYS wears ORANGE. I don't even want to IMAGINE how JARRING that will be. It'll ruin the motif that we have spent SO LONG cultivating on this FABULOUS bus. So You sit THERE. (points effeminately but coldly--and quickly--at the color-appropriate seat).

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