I'd never be with a man who doesn't want to have children...
I'm talking specifically from the standpoint of a female in the reproductive years, obviously. If I was 65 or some shit, it's not like I'd be looking for a fellow senior citizen who wanted to adopt 40 babies or something. This is all about use of the vital, reproductive years, or at least the POTENTIAL of reproduction.

This old thread I made got bumped today and it jogged my memory...

"I'm so aroused by intelligence"


It made me remember the handful of attractive intellectual men in their 20s-30s who I had been interested in at one point, but then completely lost all attraction to once they shared their views about NOT wanting to have children... ever! 

It's all about the PRINCIPLE. Maybe we'll hit it off, get together, but never end up reproducing for one reason or another. The important part is WILLINGNESS to reproduce... having a GOOD ATTITUDE toward the concept of reproduction.

If a man lacks those qualities... there is no way I can sincerely be attracted to him.
It's hardly about sex at all...

The only part that makes it sexual is that reproduction is the result of effective sexual activity...


It's mostly intellectual.

There can be primal attraction...

But when the (frankly unnatural) lack of desire to have a family is revealed and expounded upon...

That primal attraction dies a quick yet heinous death.
Ready to become a glorified sperm donor(baby batter robot) to this closet lezzy? Step right up and prepare to be garnished and a footnote on mo's last name

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