Greta Thunberg: Sweden's Creepy Climate Change Champion Dubbed "Jesus" By Media
Greta "Hitler's Youth" Thunberg...
You can tell it's the same people running the whole thing as it was back then...

Literally, Soros's ancient crusty ass is STILL alive.


These poor senile fucks...

It's like when you're teaching super young kids to play hide and seek, and they cover their eyes thinking you can't see them.
(09-24-2019, 08:19 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:


Unbelievable that even the MSM is calling Greta out for being extremely mentally ill child who is being paraded on a world stage by adults.

1:07 check out the pic of her and her family wearing the antifa shirts...

Yep, pretty damn clear exactly where this is going.

Fact of the matter is that it's being gear toward war...

And it's just not going to work.

It's just not...

They have to know that.

I mean seriously dude...

3:50 it's TOTALLY abuse the way they've got her up there working herself up into a ridiculously overdramatic tizzy, it's SOOO unhealthy.
Can't even stand to watch her.
4:28 fucking amen dude.

Greta wanted to be an actress...

Welcome to celebrity in the 21st century...


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