Just spent 10 hours on an airplane playing footsie with a cute Asian lady...
(09-05-2019, 01:52 PM)GG Wrote: I would play footsie with you for 10 hours on a plane! Sign me up! I have small, super-soft feet. I can't even walk on grass because my feet are so sensitive and soft,.

That's so EFFING hot GG...

I love you.

Now you understand what shit hole really means...

Left to its own devices, fine...


But the westerners coming here?

Not good for this place.
The way they act is absolutely fucking shameful...

It makes me embarrassed and sad for these Thai people.

I feel like their government must have sold them.
If you're not there for sex tourism or at a beachside resort, you're in the wrong place sweetheart.
Bangkok is the underbelly of the world

it's no place for a naive little snowflake such as yourself MO

stay frosty
Seriously they're sooo nice...

But only because that's their culture.

And these dudes think they actually WANT to talk to them.

They go around pestering the regular chicks...

If you wanna be an obnoxious weirdo with the ladies dancing at Soi Cowboy or the ones selling the famed happy endings, fine...

But holy fuck, just pestering the chicks minding their own business CLEARLY not selling sex??




Makes you ashamed to be white...

What a thought!

Never seen anything from that perspective before and I gotta say...

It's been a real eye opener.
(09-05-2019, 06:34 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Makes you ashamed to be white...

In their country, not in the west, LOL.
I suggest you get the fuck out of there asap.

Bangkok really is the kind of place people just disappear.

What on earth possessed you to go there?

Hope you're not chasing after another bum half way across the world.
LOL, whoa relax...

I'm not chasing anyone!

I went down a rabbit hole of curiosity months ago and when I get stuck in my mind, I just gotta do it.

I dont regret it, I obviously needed to know about this...

But LOL, now that I know...

It makes me see a lot of people differently.
Oh I'm definitely getting out of here, LMAO, don't you worry!

You fuckers better prepare yourselves to fight for America hard, because there is nothing else.
yeah well

if they are not after a beachside tiki hut there is only one other reason people want to go there

blonde hair blue eyed white girl = very valuable

watch your six and get the fuck out

a lot of times it's the hotel staff who sells people out btw
Europe, shit.

Asia, shit.

Canada is shit too when you get down to it though I like it as a close second to America.

Mexico, definitely shit.

There is nowhere else...

America is shit in a lot of places...

But it's less shit than everywhere else.
you already knew this
Dude re: the hotel staff I know, I've heard all about that!!!

Trust me dude...

I am well aware of the situation.
I know I already knew it deep down, but I wanted to be sure.
be careful what you eat or drink

they will drug you

that's how they get you
The interesting thing is my non-existent fear of flying...

I used to be very scared of it.

A little turbulence and I was totally afraid.

Now, I feel absolutely nothing.

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