Just spent 10 hours on an airplane playing footsie with a cute Asian lady...
Dancing Banana 
You jelly??

I should explain this, LOL.

There were two open seats between us and we kinda just halfway laid down.

One thing lead to another and well...

Hottest action I've had in a few years!?
I'm kidding.

It wasn't sexual but I think she was enjoying it a little too much...


Well I mean she kept coming back for more...

What else am I supposed to believe?!
I think...


This is probably gonna be the last time I ever do some shit like this.


Then again I say that every time.
I swear I'll never fly again every time I fly.
I will dwell on this too much. This is the kind of perversions that weaken me darling
That's why I do what I do...

A plane? You usually drive when you´re itching for adventure. Are you heading to Europe again?
Yeah you don't say...

I was looking for a more high action kind of adventure with this stunt.

Gotta tell ya...

It's not for the weak, LMAO.

I feel bad for "farangs" who come here and don't do a lot of research first. I mean even the amount of research I did still will leave you wanting.

You guys, this is for sure one of the most eye opening things I've ever done.
I mean ever...

I know some shit now...

I know some shit I never knew before.
Haha! That's awesome MO

Where are you off too?
I would play footsie with you for 10 hours on a plane! Sign me up! I have small, super-soft feet. I can't even walk on grass because my feet are so sensitive and soft,.
Enlighten us, O, Traversed One... 

Grasshopper One Earth
yeah i am jealous of this heathens trips

my guess is she is visiting angkor wat temple complex and then she will traverse cambodia interviewing the locals trying to figure out what made pol pot so angry ...its just what curious chicks do
Ugh I can’t help but worry about you while admiring your balls. Whatever happens I hope you are safe and return home from Asia happy and enriched. And of course I hope there are videos to document your trip!
Dude bro...

There is nothing to admire about this...


I'm not going into details, but if I do release the videos they'll be on a Patreon or other pay only platform because I'm not about to deal with the criticism that uploading my thoughts about this to YouTube would entail.
Now I understand what Patreon/Vimeo et al paywall services are for...

Because some shit is just too fucked up to give away for free!
What I have to say about this specific country's situation would not be well received by the cringey, creepy "MGTOW yet I want an Asian girlfriend" demographic of YouTube psychos...

Listen I can deal with most psychos, hell I LOVE psychos. But these guys? Nah.

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