All this makeup be makin' chicks look like aliens...

I dunno what the hell it is.

Back in the the 70s and the 80s 'n shit when chicks wore makeup, they didn't look like aliens.

So what's changed??

It's not hot IMO.

And they've got those bizarre sharp ass long ass fingernails, be lookin' like a creature outta some kinda sci-fi horror movie.
It's some specific thing they do...

Cuz I see some chicks wearing a lot of makeup but they still don't look like aliens.

I dunno, I feel like it's something to do with the shape of the eyes and how certain stuff makes the eyes look closer together...

Or like maybe it's the nose and the proximity of the makeup to the corner of the eyes and the nose and...

Fuck I dunno but on top of looking fake as hell, they just look like freakin' aliens.
Culturally appropriatin' some aliens up in this bitch.
Zeta Reticuli called... they want their fuckin' face back.
Could you post examples of the painted hussies in question? TIA!
I can never find good examples when I go looking on purpose...

I will post one the next time I find it though.

The makeup is to blame for sure.

A lot of these chicks wear a FUCKTONNN of makeup.

Makeup can be fun but only to a certain point.

It's so heavy on the skin.
I also don't love posting specific chicks cuz I don't wanna be mean.
I don't understand some of the makeup choices younger girls are going for. A super prevalent one is the magic-marker eyebrows and over the top eye shadows. The super dark lipstick and hard-outlined lip liner too. They look like frinkin clowns.

For me, I like subtle. I have light skin and  kind of a medium auburn or strawberry blond hair. My eyebrows are darker, I have hazel eyes that can look brownish.
I have hooded eyes.

I use brown/black mascara, very little soft brown eyeliner on my lower eyes. My makeup is bare minerals complexion rescue Vanilla 02. It's a tinted moisturizer and is pretty much a sheer coverage. You can't tell that there's makeup on... but it just puts a healthy glow and radiance to the skin.

I like to look natural. I get nude lip liners to be just a shade darker than my natural lips.

I guess I could go with no makeup. I have good skin, but I look better with the subtle makeup.

I saw a Hispanic girl at a club one night. She was in her twenties and beautiful, but the makeup just one her face was like 4 shades lighter than the rest of her neck and body. It just looks horrible.
It's ALL about enhancing your natural features...

I don't know when it became about carving out new features by using a ton of products.

They call it "contouring" or something.

These days I will put on a touch of mascara and some lip gloss if I wanna do the makeup thing...

Putting a bunch of makeup on makes me look like a 40 year old stripper.

Weirdest thing!!!

The other trend I think is really weird is putting the highlighter on the tip of the nose and the cheeks...

They're putting blush on the end of the nose to make it look red and shit.

It's so...

Blah, just fucking stupid, I am so glad I'm older now and don't give a FUCKKK about these retardedass makeup trends, THANK you GOD.
(09-14-2019, 01:39 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: The other trend I think is really weird is putting the highlighter on the tip of the nose and the cheeks...

Like the SUPER crazy highlighter, the kind that literally looks wet...

Not just 'normal' highlighter.
Just more subconscious programming for when the Anal Probing Aliens show up and make the girls want to take it up the butt more.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
This is a good example of what GG was talking about:

Still trying to find one of the alien chicks though.
This is the retarded highlight trend I was talking about...
hey why don't you try out some wigs tonight honey ?

and don't forget the leather collar and high heels , i will dress up like alfalfa and we could french kiss
2019's version of "CONTOURING"...

That is an INSANE amount of makeup.
And like WHAT THE FUCKKK was the point of smearing layers and layers of shit on???

She needed mascara. Literally.

And lip gloss.



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