My grandfather refuses to repent
Over the last few weeks I tried repeatedly to get grandpa to confess his sins so he can go to heaven with mom and me. He thinks its ok to drink bourban and wine and not attend church with us. I am so tired of this heathen living out his last days in our house and it feels like the wrath of God is upon all us kin now. Now I understand how those spanish folks got so angry and did the forced conversions. Grandpa always flaunted his nasty heathen habits in front of us and even made fun of our made me so mad as a little fella and now as a grown man I want to really show him how evil he is . Dinnertime , thats where I watch that he bows his head and shuts his eyes as mom prays and gives thanks. I scolded him for not showing due respect.
Maybe if you asked for mo to be your wife then both of you can give grandpa a bath and read him the bible every night. Mo can m@ssage him and show him tendeeness while you Lucas, you hit him with the gospel full frontal
You and your mom should sing hymns to him around the clock until he repents just to get a little peace and quiet.
Your grandpa sounds like he would be a real fiend in bed...

Direct him my way and I will deal with him.
I feel sorry for Grandpa....

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