Red Eye (2005) - Review & Commentary
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I'm pretty sure I've watched this movie before because I thought Cillian Murphy was pretty hot and I wanted to see him in the role of a psycho/stalker/weirdo.

That said, some parts of the movie look familiar re: the trailer, and others don't. I think I did watch it, but I just can't remember clearly. 

If I start watching it, am not hugely enjoying it, and do remember it, then it's unlikely I will finish reviewing the whole thing. Only so many hours in the day and I have other things to watch.

Timestamps may be off by ~10 seconds depending on where you watch this... I'm watching on Amazon.

1:17 mmmmm, seafood... damn!

2:06 oh my God, but what are they gonna do with all those beautiful delicious looking fish?? This is upsetting me.

3:30 hmmm, it's not seeming all that familiar so far, but I'm noticing some kinda weird things about it. It's probably cuz I HAVE seen it.

8:20 uhhhhh, this dude's scary as shit. I like it! I like scary dudes... especially hot scary dudes.

Cillian Murphy kinda looks like an alien though. Howdy Doody lookin' motherfucker. Mega hot though that's for sure... lil too prettyboy, but he does have an adequate undertone of creepiness when he tries to. Without the creepy factor, these prettyboys just are not that great.

9:20 but I'm gonna tell you what... for dudes who look like Cillian Murphy, I will get on top. Hell, I'd even suck some dick. Conservatively, though. Actually, the more I think about it... meh. Losing my drive TBH.

Rachel McAdams is of course very pretty too, but LOL... her politics are sheer fucking disease so that knocks a solid 6 points off her score in my view.

12:50 what the fuck are they even talking about. 13:00 I have no fucking idea. I'm literally not even paying attention at this point.

13:10 the fuck, your dad's always trying to make you drink alcoholic beverages?? We got a real sharp tool here folks.

18:00 this reminds me of some shit that almost happened to me recently on a plane!!!

23:15 uh ohhhhhh.

23:50 well, he's getting hotter by the second, I gotta say. He's getting hotter and I'm getting wetter.

26:10 yeah he's way hotter now than he started out as... I'm getting into this. It's not seeming all that familiar yet.

27:37 LOL those tiny water bottles. I love 'em for my purse. 

28:10 a phone on a plane?? Is that what this is?? Didn't I see this in another movie recently too?? Phones on planes?? I mean... what the actual complete and total fuck?? I have NEVERRRRRRRR SEEN A PHONE ON A PLANE. Hmmm...

29:50 ah hmmm. So it's a pay phone on a plane.

30:50 aha! Airfone!

31:20 it's not like they'll let her live once she does it anyway... like hello?

33:00 ooooooo, la laaaaaaa!!! Are we going to be joining the Mile High Club today?!?!? *rubhands*

33:30 mmmmmm God, I'm so turnt.

34:33 LMFAO I'd be like "uh, can you, uh, knock me out again kthx!"

37:00 well you gotta love her for trying and it reminds me of something else I did recently too... oh man, the parallels between my life and this movie, so weird!

39:35 has he been watching her?! This is so hot!

43:35 he's not even holding her face that hard.

43:48 what the fuck is she trying to do, appeal to his humanity??? LMAOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

45:10 they can't go through all this and NOT bang. They CAN'T. They just CAN'T.

49:50 they can't let her live!!! LMAO!!! Duh!!!

50:15 I wonder how much he gets paid?!?

51:18 the rules are in place to protect your stupid kids, lady. OMG never listen to the women.

55:05 I mean those dudes DO look suspicious as fuck. 

56:25 hooooooooooo... damn. Well. That should render him... disinterested in fucking. Great going lady.

57:50 LOL :)

58:23 damn, shit's not going well for this guy today?!

I definitely haven't seen this movie. At least not in its entirety. Which is weird. I totally saw the airplane bathroom/strangling scene though. How in the fuck is it that I only saw THAT scene? Did I literally just watch that ONE scene? OMG... I think I remember now. I'm pretty sure I saw the scene on YouTube. And that was literally the only part of the movie I watched. I'm kinda surprised by that... makes me wonder what other weird shit I've done that I don't know about.

1:01:00 AHA!!!!!!!!!! KNEW those guys were up to something!!!!!!!!!!

1:02:28 "Get people out!" LOL this girl is a real cutie.

1:05:00 honestly this movie is kinda lit.

1:06:46 I mean he's still WAYYY fuckable... just as long as he doesn't talk.

1:07:11 "Okay so is this personal now?" LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO.

1:07:46 damn this guy is getting totally owned by this chick. I'm not saying it's believable on any level but LOL. He really is getting owned.

1:13:45 awe man, I feel like these two are definitely not gonna bang. Sad in the pants.

1:15:07 why is she wasting this perfect opportunity?? Bitch, hop on and take a ride!!! He's still breathing and everything!!!
8/10 stars, it's a fun movie with good eye candy.
I really feel strong attractions and sperm production watching rachel. Like she doesnt even need to undress and i could drench her in ejaculation. Romance bro!
That's very sexy.

I am currently reviewing another movie, yet I'm still humping my chair over Cillian Murphy.
That dude is like a prettier eric roberts. guys only head butt you if they really care.

Every man needs to read the comments on this video...

If there's a man out there who genuinely wonders "What do women want?"

Read those comments...

This is what women want.

But not from the uglies...


If you're not conventionally good looking, there's definite hope for you...

Have some kind of charm, some kind of game.

It's not just about good looks...

And it's definitely not about money either.

It's about physical displays of power and domination...

That can come in a lot of forms, but it is absolutely what women want.
(10-23-2019, 12:26 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: It's about physical displays of power and domination...

And it's so deeply desired that you can even convey the idea of these things on a mental level and still be successful with women...

Take the internet for example, it can even be done here.

But you've gotta put up or shut up at a certain point... like if you're dating online and you meet a chick and you turn out to be a pansy candy ass wimp, that's clearly a failure. You gotta back up your words with actions. No empty promises.

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