Twisted Nerve (1968) - Review & Commentary

A little backstory. I've been a hardcore Hayley Mills fan since my parents bought a VHS boxset for me at Christmas 1997 which included That Darn Cat! (1965), Pollyanna (1960), and The Parent Trap (1961)... my favorite of which was "That Darn Cat!"

Despite being an intense pure and total Hayley Mills obsessor, I actually never saw "Twisted Nerve" until circa 2012. I absolutely, 100% fell in love with the movie. It's one of the greatest movies of all time, for sure. I've owned it on Amazon for years and I've seen it twice (pretty sure), so this will be my third watch of the movie and I'm very excited to do this review tonight.

It also doesn't hurt that Hywel Bennett is absolutely gorgeous either. 

In keeping with my recent psycho/stalker movie kick, this film will be an absolutely perfect finisher... running out of such movies to watch unfortunately. See my other reviews, I've had an absolute blast reviewing this type of genre over the past few days.

This upload on Amazon starts out with "Ladies and gentlemen..." and it's some kind of announcement about how they're not saying all retarded people are serial killers or something, I dunno. Upload length is 1:52:24. Hopefully the timestamps will line up well enough, but... I do the best I can and the rest is in your hands.

0:50 I wonder how old Hywel was when this was filmed. Hmmm... he was 24. Awwweee.

Ahahaha OMG. You know you're getting older when you hear "24" in reference to age, and your reaction is "awwwweeee!" LMFAOOOOOMG. Ahhh.

Well, it's not a general statement... it's just that he was very cute. So very cute.

1:18 he's so damn good to his retarded brother... this always made me wanna cry a lil bit.

Fucking amazing movie.

2:58 fucking gorgeous... I dunno, I always knew Hywel Bennett was absolutely beautiful, but it never impacted me the way it does now.

3:28 and of course this "Twisted Nerve" (Bernard Herrmann) theme song was what inspired the infamous nurse scene from Kill Bill.

4:55 Hayley Mills was 22 here... she was very thin in a lot of her movies in this time period, and I really never liked that.

6:10 "We know what he'll say!" Bwahahahaha, I don't think you have any fucking idea what he'll say! *chuckle*

7:00 lmao what the fuck.

7:47 what a nice girl... pretty smile. I always did so love Hayley Mills... she was a massive inspiration to me in my childhood. Very much so.

9:28 this was one of the greatest fucking scenes in any movie ever. It makes a great funny .gif, but it is a bit of an inside joke. 

10:20 "You've just got to grow up!" Wow, this lady is a real drag.

12:00 it's kinda fucked up that this movie wasn't on any of the psycho/stalker movie lists I've looked at for the past few days, LOL. Wow.

It's only one of the most legendary psycho/stalker movies of all time.

13:40 Hayley's got a nicely shaped hairline, I never noticed that before.

14:14 she's such a sweet and respectable girl. Fucking gorgeous, natural honey blonde.

16:12 she's just sooo nice.

16:16 "What a load of crap" bwahahahahaha. The Jungle Book. LOLOL.

18:44 he's very sexy... fabulous body.

20:20 - 20:46 this scene, and the dude magazines... always weirded me out more than a lil bit. Always wondered what in the fuck was up with that... I dunno, by the way he broke the mirror I got the impression he felt puny compared to the bodybuilders, or something non-homo like that.

23:46 this guy is pretty damn hot too, I always liked him.

25:35 "He gets good value" ooooOooOoooo burrrrrrrrn.

26:08 somebody's got a hot mom.

27:27 and in walked Georgie.

29:06 this was a ballsy move by him LOL.

32:26 that's a pretty hot outfit.

32:33 fairly bitchin' boots too, not 100% my style, but undeniably fab.

33:00 "She'll be begging for it by the time she's 40" BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truuuuuue. But it's NEVER dudes who look like Gerry (Barry Foster) who offer to give it to you. It's never funny, good looking dudes with great personalities. It's always ol' washed up fuckers who may or may not have even been hot at one time and/or are just fucking cringey... or just some other variety of unattractive. Never the ones who are actually hot (even if they are older), never the ones you'd WANT to bang. It's like get real, we're not gonna fuck just anybody. My God, that would be pathetic and disgusting, so regrettable, so empty and void. Yeah we wanna get slammed, but we'd rather be overgrown with cobwebs and die than to fuck just any ol' bastard. After all, I couldn't live with a track record of undesirable, reject dudes anyway... *shrug*

33:58 awww, these dudes are so nice. Very sexy.

35:15 somebody needs to get bent over that table, gnomesayin'!?

35:30 that's a nice button up. Makin' me feel some type of way.

40:04 you're right, he is.

40:16 I like how she just laughs and doesn't actually reply. Gotta keep 'em guessin'!

42:14 is he trying to seduce her or something??

42:50 fuck yeah baby!

44:00 Georgie's about to do something bad.

46:02 man the color of that kitchen is just dismal as all out pure and total fuck. OOGLAY.

50:50 I can't remember what the hell he does with the body. Does he just leave it there?? WTF. How does that work out?? So what, like he has an alibi on one hand (Paris or whatever), but on the other hand he's been staying with Susan?? So he was provably THERE. I mean... WTF. 

53:20 that chick's bedroom is pretty baller.

53:40 if he called me "mommy" one more time I'd have to jack slap him.

54:40 one thing I really like about this dude is that he has curly hair.

57:17 "Have you got her on pot yet?!" LMFAOLMFAOLMFAOOOOO.

57:48 ohohohohohohohohoooohoooo DAAAAYUUUUMMMMM. One of THE BEST comebacks EVERRRRR.

58:08 is one puny stab wound really enough to classify it a "brutally murdered" type of situation?? I feel like, no. I mean no offense to Georgie or anything, but... let's not be dramatic here.

58:16 "multiple"??? He stabbed him fucking once and twisted the knife. End of story. Seriously.

1:00:40 LOL this guy is so jelly.

1:05:25 I feel bad for his mother.

1:10:00 awwwwe. I like her!!!

1:11:04 "If you're carrying field glasses"... LMAO. Oooouuuuchhhh. LOL. LOL. LOL!

Guy's way less hot than Georgie anyway. If you're not banging anyway then why not pick the better looking one.

1:13:38 LOL uh oh.


1:13:58 "You like what you see, BITCH!??!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!"

1:14:20 I'm remembering that we saw Hayley Mills fucking NAKED in the other movie of hers that I reviewed on here, "Deadly Strangers" (1975)... daaaaamn yo.

1:15:50 oooh la la! Bayyybeeeh.

1:20:00 uh oh... "Georgie" is about to get found out.

1:23:50 and this is where it starts to go from a damn good movie, to one of the greatest films of all time.

1:25:26 fucking amazing movie. And from here on out it remains sheer fucking excellence, for the rest of the duration, it just builds into an absolutely monumental conclusion.

1:26:06 this poor hottie... she has no idea. Noooo idea.

1:27:20 I really like this guy and it's so sad that he has to get caught up in the middle of all this... can't remember what the hell happens to his character. 

1:28:40 "And every day of his life, she searched him..." Fucking powerful, man.

1:29:53 "A ganglion gone awry predestinates the sinner, or the saint."

1:30:06 oh Lord.

1:31:02 oooohhhh, that's... gnarly.

1:31:26 is she seriously trying to get feely RIGHT after that shit just happened?

1:31:40 I meeeean... I get being horny and whatnot but my God, now ain't the time lady!

1:32:15 really, I've seen this movie a couple times like I said, and I never thought too hard about that scene and everything that was wrong with it. The way she was acting though, damn. I really can't blame him for losing his shit... what was going on there was pretty fucked up, on HER part.

1:36:04 and this is where it REALLY takes off. From here on out it's just straight fucked up, but in a way that no movie today could ever compete with. No ridiculous gore, no flashy special effects, just downright scary shit. Or as he so aptly puts it at 1:37:59, no "celluloid manure"... just pure mastery.

1:39:40 it's on.

1:40:44 fuckin' drunks... so useless.

1:42:22 this is where it starts, one of the absolute greatest movie scenes of all time.

1:43:17 LOL @ the black under garments, that always really bothered me ugh. With the white dress. I mean obviously they did it on purpose or something but FFS.

1:44:06 they make you kiiiiinda fricken hate this guy at this moment, LOL. But it definitely is a thriller, it really builds.

1:44:18 here it is man... my favorite part of the movie. Agh, God. It's so good. This scene right here, gotta be near the top of the list of my favorite movie scenes. They used to have just this scene on up on YouTube but it always gets taken down. I even had it on one of my old channels at one time. Legendary.

1:44:22 it starts when she turns her head to look at him. Powerful scene... as the sound fades out into his mom's monologue, agh man. Fucking amazing.

"Can you understand? Can you imagine how I felt, Susan? I wept. He was so beautiful. A miracle. That's how I wanted to keep him. A baby, in my arms... forever."

1:46:23 also one of the best scenes in the movie. Makes you feel hardcore bad for that guy.

1:49:00 I always thought that was kinda stupid though, like those must be some pretty sharp fingernails LMAO. And how that seems to be where he like EXTRA EXTRA loses his shit apparently... I dunno.

1:50:27 aaaaaand he's gone.

10/10 stars.

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