I've concluded that my own patterns can be calculated in a purely mathematical way
My thoughts, various interests, and perhaps even my actions seem to follow a pattern which translates into math.

I'm guessing there would have to be enough material on each person, preferably submitted through a computer (such as posts on a forum), to make it easy to calculate.

I believe breaking people down into numbers is only one way that their thoughts/actions can be calculated and therefore predicted.

One of the other ways would be to utilize an unseen energy field in order to read their brainwaves and other electrical signatures.

I think these two methods (probably in conjunction with other methods as well) are what Google is using to predict people's searches...

Quote:"Google INDISPUTABLY just read my mind and I'm totally freaked and not cool with it"


"The use of smartphones as subtle energy monitoring spy devices is admitted by UBER"


"Mind Reading Technology Uses Brain Waves, Converts Them Into Visuals"

you should donate your penis to science when its all over
In Metamagical Themas (an anagram of his Scientific American column, "Mathematical Games"), cognitive scientist Douglas Hofstadter wrote about the sphex wasp, an insect that performs exactly the same sequence of actions in exactly the same way every time, as if reading instructions from a punched card. If the sphex's ritual is interrupted at any point, it starts over from the beginning.

I think we do have certain patterns of thought and behavior stored in a sort of neural ROM, if you will. I doubt it's binary data, but rather more like a neural net that has been trained through repetition to yield a predictable outcome.

Jung wrote about a psychic ordering principle that keeps the personality somewhat rational and sane. Predictable outcomes are necessary for sanity, yes? The ordering principle seems to be linked to the manifestation of universal archetypes in various local guises. Could the archetypes actually be a bunch of little hardwired programs, many of them subconscious, which nevertheless guide our behavior?

One of the most excellent posts ever made on this site without a doubt, Art Bell...

Cheers to you good sir.

(10-27-2019, 04:39 PM)Art Bell Wrote: I doubt it's binary data, but rather more like a neural net that has been trained through repetition to yield a predictable outcome.

I completely agree with you, I'm glad you brought this up... I'd thought about it but forgot to mention this point.

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