harry and Meghan are toast
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the queen     has had enough and cut them off of $15 million per year  , told them go    to America for as long as you like fuckers

Will they be running for office in the US then?
But seriously...

The 'royals' usually just deal with issues like this quietly and permanently...

Why the public ruckus?
We've known they were up to something ever since they chose Meghan for his wife...

I've written about their relationship here...

They'll probably try to pull some politics in Canada or the US...

They'll probably try to do something which furthers the "motherland's" grasp on Project America.
They can't have them dealt with since they've made all this public...

Gotta be on purpose.

So Harry and Meghan, who've recently been endeared to the sheeple public due to "emotional displays" in a documentary or some stupid shit like that...

They'll be unleashed upon the world, poor outcasts from the royal family...

Shown mercy by some host, somewhere.

I see no scenario where this doesn't lead to politics.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex...

Agh. Sounds so depressing.
dude I would need some serious valium around all those random childrens

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