Katie Carney

Katie's mom is really pretty and elegant.

16:50 oh look, it's Brett's New York based replacement, shown with Brett's own music playing in the background...

That's not the world's most passive aggressive, heinously awkward kick in the nuts or anything!?
HOW does she get AWAY with this shit!?!?!?!?!?
I think what she does is a whole lot more calculated than most people could ever have the capacity to realize.
Here's a thread Katie should read...

"Superbugs, STDs, and Dating Apps"


0:33 lmfao omg SAAAAMMMEEEE!!!!!!!! http://www.sectual.com/thread-5122.html

1:00 I guess she has a gym in her apartment area, that's really good for her.

She should keep living in an apartment and doing all the apartment things.

7:10 I fucking despise picky eaters... it's childish and totally unattractive.

If I were Katie, I'd leave out every single clip of her rejecting food like a spoiled brat.

11:30 TBH Charleston looks pretty.

14:00 this is a decent-ish song by Brett... it's okay.

Wow, Katie is finally friends with a girl!!! I remember reading on some other site a bunch of people were shit-talking Katie about how she never has female friends. And it's generally been true. I think even Katie addressed it in one of her vids a while back, just talking about how she doesn't usually have female friends or something. I dunno, maybe I'm wrong. Anyways, I think it's super cool she has a chick friend.

Maybe they should try dating each other!? OMG!?! Too far?

0:28 her friend is cute, reminds me of a friend I had once!!!

0:30 is there no apostrophe on that sign???

I guess there's no apostrophe in it...


They don't explain why the fuck it's called "Burtons"...

I think they should give a lil backstory. I get that they've been around since 2005 but... TBH their lettering and outside look more like it should be an upscale mens' clothing store rather than a place to eat. Then again, I'm a judgmental douche, so... what do I know, right?!

0:40 awwwe her friend opened the door for her and everything. I really like this chick!

0:56 lmfaololol I was about to say, OMG, she has a pair of glasses just like Katie's, roflmfaololol!!! They actually look really good on her!!!

Okay well this is boring as shit so I'm just gonna skip to the end of the vid...

13:48 awe, Katie looks pretty!

K, I'm done.

13:15 I totally ship these two.

OMG maybe Katie's a lesbian and she just didn't know???

Maybe that's why none of her relationships have worked??

She really should try dating a chick...

And why not this one?? They seem to get along really well!!!

I'm not one of them thar foot fetish people but she's got some cute feet.

She looks short... I like short people.

0:50 she could really benefit from smoking cannabis.

5:00 it's not some kind of amazing feat to have "three boyfriends" in a year, Katie...

Fucking Leos, I'm telling you. The absolute worst romantic partner you could ever have, unless you don't mind them dating literally everyone else while they're with you.

Great friends (I guess), great entertainers, horrible partners.

But yeah I mean Katie has dated A LOT of people. I just hope she hasn't had sex with all of them... I know I personally almost never have sex with people.

I haven't had a legit boyfriend OR had sex in a few years, but I have had some pretty satisfying romantic situations with people in that time... you CAN be with people and NOT have sex. It IS possible.
10:55 wow so she has "agoraphobia" (whatever the fuck that is) toward the desert, so basically the most beautiful places in the nation and the most ideal places as a vehicle dweller that she could possibly go to... she hates.

Okay then.

That's absolutely unattractive.

No Arizona? No New Mexico? No you and me, baby.


I fucking hate clickbait titles...

And I think it's fucking rude too.

I wouldn't want her painting me in that light in the thumbnail/title with me pictured right there.

I think it sucks and is wrong.

Well would you look at that...


Other people fucking hate it too.

Not like Katie actually NEEDS to use clickbait titles to get people to watch her videos.

I haven't actually watched the vid at this point...

I did click on the other vid she had where she introduced him though.

Just another one of her cucks, I guess.

She hangs out with some geekyass dudes, I gotta say. Don't get me wrong, I love geeks and nerds and whatnot. But... I don't like dudes who let themselves be cucked.

I don't know if I take this guy for the sorta dude who's gonna be super duper okay with getting cucked in the longterm though...

I somewhat feel as though somewhere in these multitudes of dudes Katie hangs out with, there's bound to be at least one psycho someday.

I wonder what the audience thinks about him.

4:00 she says he's a photographer she hired to take pics of her.

But I feel like this guy is a local she came across and started hunting.

She keeps talking about marriage in this video.

4:17 I dunno if this dude's gonna be a good cuck for Katie... he seems to kinda have a mind of his own. He seems like the type who would make a move on you if he wanted some, rather than be a good little submissive cuckboy like everybody else Katie hangs with.

4:32 "Oo!" roflrofl! Katie. Sweetie. If you wanna get married so badly maybe you should stop cucking dudes and actually get serious with one. Shrug. Just a suggestion.

TBH I feel like photographer dude's gonna get all weirded out by this. I feel like she kinda fucked this one up if she was intending to try and bag this dude.

4:48 that's Katie's thing, she has you walk behind her and film her walking...

Only she's PAYING this guy, AND he has thoughts about it. LOL, he has THOUGHTS about it. And you know what, I would agree with him. I would fucking agree.



He's not just a photographer...


Bahahahahahahaha oh my God. See, I was wondering why the hell Katie would be into some guy who isn't even in a band.

I'm gonna have to keep it 100% and unequivocally say that Katie frightens me. She reminds me of some kind of predator.

5:08 this is honestly just becoming hard to watch.

5:18 all these shots of her just walking around are so WTF. Why is it a video of him just filming her walking around?

5:40 I feel like he thinks she's a narcissist, but he's still being pretty nice to her so that's good.

6:10 here's what I seriously don't understand re: this entire photoshoot... WHY is she wearing all black??? We can barely see her and I'm confused.

6:47 she's being ridiculous about her feet being cold. She's just running around trying to be cute. Which is fine... this isn't the most annoying thing she does. BUT... that type of behavior IS sorta reminiscent of her spitting out perfectly good food like a picky 2 year old, which is utterly obnoxious.

6:28 this makes me wonder what people think of my incredibly weird/strange/bizarre ass and the stupid shit I do when I'm hanging out... *soul deep cringe*

8:40 I don't like places that are laid out bar style. They can't even sit that plate long ways on the table.

9:32 I gotta keep it 100% again, but this guy is honestly pretty fucking sexy. I meeeeaaaaan. He kinda is. I can't even lie, he kinda kinda is. Like... I dig the way he twists the camera around here and films them vlog style, it's cute. I don't think he's really about that vloggin' life, but he knows the ropes because he does the photographer thingy and sees enough people vlog like a bunch of narcissists all the time on social media.

9:40 he's cute, he is. I wonder if he's a Leo too. I'm getting low key Leo vibes off him. Gosh, I really wonder what's his sign! Can two Leos go together? That sounds worse than 2 Aries! LMAO! Yiiikes!

9:45 I feel like he is ready to go home. I would be ready to go home.

13:55 yeah this guy isn't gonna be a cuck... he's just not. I can tell. I personally wouldn't wanna cuck him... I would definitely wanna get it on.

14:45 he says he lives 2 hours away... does that mean he's gotta drive back all that way after hanging out with Katie ALL day and running after her and being mentally exhausted and shit? LOL!

15:48 IMHO he's totally hot. But Katie should try to have something legitimate with him instead of baiting and cucking him and then getting another dude to parade herself around with in front of him and the whole world on the internet. I personally don't think he'd put up with that.

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