So yeah I dig the concept of relationships with older men...

You GOTTA admit, Archie is a badass and that’s some wokeass rap music right there, crazy epic vid too.
I think dating should be within reason. I don't belie e young 20 year old chicks should be boning 60 year old. I know there aint no rules to the whole mating scene other than government stipulation. But I think age is important. Escpecially for the well being of our generations. The baby boomers had there fun

The water looks amazing.

Look how FUCKIN' HOT Krista is.
Archie posts some pretty great stuff on Instagram...

Lol Huh

Being a feminist is by far Krista’s least attractive quality.
Hey Trix don't know if I ever told you this but ???
Zane calm down buddy...

You'll be old enough for me in a couple years.
Yeah and I mean I'm not very good at this internet shit I can't even type mister up finger.. all I got was question marks?? Ima go crawl under my bush. Lol
I got a bush you can crawl under...

Archie is so lucky to have Krista, she’s so pretty and fun.

At 4:06 he references the lattice...

Then he says "They must have installed it in the '80s"...


Awww, Archie... you're so cute!
8:30 he's harping on Gaia TV kind of like Clif High does...
11:42 like the tech buried under Antarctica...

It ain't no damn 60 miles deep, LOL. Maybe 60ft.

Archie would be such a dream guy if it wasn't for the weird open relationship shit.
14:54 - 15:35 amen Archie...

See Archie is smart.
All the feminism shit is totally annoying though.

But the spirituality and esoterica is excellent.
(04-09-2017, 09:44 PM)Trix Wrote: But in the same token it's like...

Even chicks who are 30+- and dating 40+- dudes seem like they get bored as fuck and feel stifled. This is after at least a few years of dating mind you.

It's like dudes hit this point past 40 and they suddenly become... like old men and they need naps and shit.

I mean they're still hot as fuck but it's like... there's a certain change that happens that seems to automatically repel the younger chicks (like chicks under 35) who have been in a relationship with them for a while.

So say a chick dates a dude from the time she's 25 to the time she's 30, and there's a 15 year age difference between them...

Suddenly when he gets to that point past 40, it's like... the dynamic changes and she's not really that into him anymore.

Especially if they're not having kids together... 

It's as if this change takes place, and they miss the window of opportunity in their relationship to effectively reproduce, so the chick automatically loses interest.

And the guy's like a total old man mentality at this point, he's probably been through like 50 chicks and doesn't even care anymore. Like he just thinks that young people are idiots and such, idiots gonna idiot, but at least she is/was hot.

I'm just observing this couple livestreaming on YouTube as I type this. In case you were wondering where the fuck this is coming from.

I don't dig it for some reason
(10-14-2018, 05:07 PM)Trix Wrote:
Archie would be such a dream guy if it wasn't for the weird open relationship shit.

Im going to be straight up, take a left right here... confused yet?

Im just gonna be honest, I wrestle between celibacy and open relationships because as beautiful and necessary as women are, y'all so fucked up.

Y'all are literally programmed to not see the bigger picture, on the off chance y'all ever do it's way beyond too late, and even then its foggy as fuck.

Y'all literally can't break out of you're base nature, none of y'all,  on average like maybe 2/5s, most are no better than 3/5s, which was the legal definition of a slave per constitution,  and at best 4/5's, I aint never met a female firing on all cylinders.

Thats why males are like I need more than one, and others say fuck it and say none at all, y'all at your best are literally crazy as fuck. Tough decision too, back and forth as we wrestle with our nature,  really no good answer, not one.
And here's the real kicker

None of us can really be whole without the other, dont care what no one says

Yet its such a fucking headache and if it was to ever work, its such a time consuming investment with little to no chances of success...

Paradox became defined on this issue

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