So yeah I dig the concept of relationships with older men...

Dude who is this FUCKIN' guy???

Who is this girlyman??

You can just SEE how VEGAN he is.

His face is fine... but he's TINYYYYYYY.

Is he gay??

I feel like he's not.

But I feel like he's 100% cuck.

And then like...

Circa 1:09:10 in this video, and really throughout, it looks like he doesn't give a FUUUUCK about what's going on.

So why the hell is he THERE???

And like...

I don't even get the vibes of wanting attention or seeking notoriety and that's WHY he's on Krista's channel...

It's not like that at all.

I GENUINELY have NOOO fucking idea WHY he's there.

And where's that LADY that is always with him and Krista and Archie in their super bizarre group videos??

Are they fucking SWINGING and THESE are their PARTNERS??

Cuz I can PROMISE that, IF SO, Archie and that other woman are having a WAAAY better time than Krista and this little dude are.

WAAAY better.

And maybe that's the whole point.

Maybe that's why Archie agreed to let Krista have this sidecuck, he must have come with the swinger package and the other woman was clearly the better deal/the intended prize, the ACTUAL REASON for engaging in this swing-a-thon.

I think Krista needs to dump every last one of these fucking people, twist it and break it off in Archie (while he still cares enough for it to hurt him) and she needs to take her SWEET, SWEET ass and go find a younger (BIGGER) man while she's still got her looks and some energy.

Dude Krista needs to stay THE FUCKKK away from this unicorn cult (Unicult) bullshit, and WHY THE FUCKKK is she hanging around with LESSER FEMALES???

Is that Unicult TURD where these swinger FUCKS came from?? Is that what's brought the riff-raff into Krista's life??
Literally the dumbest shit I have ever heard of.
He sounds pretty smart TBH...

Hasn't posted any pics with him and this chick who I assume is/was his GF since March.

So are he and Krista more than friends?

Or not?

What the fuck is the purpose of him even being in her video(s)?

Because he sure wasn't saying ANYTHING at length like he was in the vid you posted.

I just simply don't fucking get it.

It’s fucking 30 minutes of Krista doing nothing but showing off her hotass body.

Which is actually not something she just blatantly does that much.

I feel like she doesn’t take my marriage proposals seriously enough though.
Could you imagine one day just waking up as Krista, and how hot you’d suddenly be?

My God. What would it be like?
12:25... mute it and put it on 0.5 playback speed, it’s totally fappable.
18:50 - 19:40 what a hotass bitch.
0.25 playback speed is appropriate for that segment.
I need to see Krista impregnated by 35 and I think Archie’s seed would be adequate...

The two of them together couldn’t possibly have an ugly baby.
(05-10-2019, 11:58 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: 18:50 - 19:40 what a hotass bitch.

You is a dirty lezzy annie. You shoulda bin spanked as a youth really hard with a thick wooden spoon

I feel like I've posted this vid before, but in the same token I also feel I've never seen it before, LOL.

Gotta say...

Damn fucking good message in this video.

Perhaps her best.

But it's not that she's responsible for this message, it's just the truth.

She shared it though, and that's pretty damn rad.

So this is probably why she thinks she's romantically into chicks. She's looking for something that she didn't get to have (from the most important woman) when she was a child.

Makes sense!

Just look at how much you can fuck your kids up though, it's sad. It just sucks.

Krista isn't a normal chick, she thinks differently than a lot of people do... a lot of people would just straight up call her crazy and dismiss it at that. The chances are that Krista's mom just thinks she's crazy and doesn't get it.

The fact is Krista should have compassion for her mom and all the other people who don't get it and can't deal with other people because they're way too immersed in their own lives.

And if everything she's saying about her mom's narcissistic behavior is true, the best thing she can do is try to never be like her, and just forgive her (AKA have compassion) because her mom is obviously mentally ill.

Krista is a good chick and should just accept that people are fucking idiots... forget about them.
How many acid trips has krista raison in the sun been on?
Orion council, total space cadet
@1:45...Yeah the world responds good to ya krista cuz - pussy.
I agree Krista entered this earth realm in a very fortunate form...

Not only as a pretty girl, but as a ridiculously beautiful person aesthetically.

The thing is, she’s nice. She’s genuinely legitimately a nice girl.

That’s what I think of Krista.
It’s rare that someone that good looking is a genuinely nice person... so far as I’ve seen with people at least.
Let’s be honest, good looking people are typically assholes. They just are.

41:52 would I want these two giggly lil bitches sitting on my porch reading tarot cards?

Why yes.

Yes I would.

See I approve of that chick she's with right there. She's a cute chick. You can tell she's a pretty nice chick.

Unlike some of the other fuckers Krista tends to have on her vids and be with in pictures... these two vibe together pretty well.

That's a decent chick for Krista to be friends with... she doesn't seem like a user or a bitch or anything.

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