So yeah I dig the concept of relationships with older men...
She's fucking crazy stupid hot.
Fucking ridiculously hot.
Fine as hell.

Krista is fine as hell.
I mean I know she's salty at her mom, but...

That genetic lottery came from somewhere.

I think it mostly came from her dad (who is absurdly fucking hot) but I bet her mom is hot as all out pure and total fuck too, and the two of them together well...

I think Krista should just be grateful they came together to cook up her vessel, and who cares if they don't keep in touch.

You get to be ridiculously hot and look freakishly young for an extended period of time in life, they gave you a great gift, just live and be happy about it.
she wants orgies 'with friends they get along with' while her bald overlord builds a spaceship
Oh whatever, Archie started it... it's all discussed on this thread.
Krista should make large dreamcatcher necklaces like this:

Only not with the charm in the middle, it should be the standard material/web instead.

Maybe Krista should just stay in Finland.
I understand how she feels about Finland.


0:06 SEVENNNNNNNNN DOLLARS for an app that tells you to SHINE "MILITARY GRADE LASERS" INTO THE FUCKINGGGGGG SKY?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!!?!?!!?!?!

Dear Lord in heaven.
I almost legitimately can't anymore. Legitimately. Almost can't. Anymore. TBH.

Cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe. Vomit vomit. Cringe. Cringe. Vomit. Cringe.
I’ve concluded that being with Archie isn’t good for Krista’s mental state.

I think she should stay in Finland and find a nice young Finnish dude to settle down with.

Apparently there are some pretty sexy Finnish dudes out there.

Krista should find one and forget she ever learned about “open relationships”...

She should try a normal relationship on for size and enjoy the novelty of a relationship which lacks reciprocal mental illness.
It’s a harsh truth, but I believe it to be absolute.

She should lose her childish views on contraception/abortion and grow the fuck up...

She should utilize her childbearing years before they pass her by at warp speed, factually there just isn’t enough time left to fuck around with.

Archie is obviously mind cancer, with no intention of ever being serious enough about Krista to utilize her reproductive capabilities.

He is wasting her time. They’ve had their fun and now it’s time to get serious about life, and do what’s best mentally/physically for Krista.

A Finnish man would make more aesthetically pleasing progeny with Krista anyway...

With Archie there’s a slight chance the offspring could lack good looks. A handsome Finnish man paired with Krista would almost certainly produce high quality, good looking offspring. The children of even the average Finnish man would also be much more mentally effective than children fathered by Archie.
Perhaps most important of all is the distinct possibility that, if fathered by a Finnish man, Krista’s children may grow up to be free of mental illness. I think she could adapt to a more healthy mental situation with a normal man, and this would balance her mental state. She may be able to raise children who are not so “open minded” as to lose their brains. A mentally fit Finnish man would teach them decent values and contribute normal mental function.

Sadly, children raised by Archie and Krista would likely be ruined in their formative years by nonsensical jabber about dimensions and aliens, etc. If Krista ever wants a normal, healthy life/relationship, she won’t get it with Archie. If she wants to continue on in a useless (as it is now, having undoubtedly long ago achieved its purpose) relationship bearing no fruit, that’s her choice... but when push comes to shove, Archie will disappoint. He will use her most vital years and leave her with nothing to show for them, ensuring her aloneness.
(07-14-2019, 08:16 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: With Archie there’s a slight chance the offspring could lack good looks.

This isn’t because Archie lacks good looks... it’s because his genetics are more of a wildcard than Krista’s.

With Krista, you know what you’re getting. Pair that with a good looking Finnish man, you really can’t lose.

Krista shouldn’t settle for anything less than great looking though. With her quality of looks, she should easily be able to find an equal, and within an acceptable age range no less.
Archie has used Krista for her beauty and naivety for long enough...

If he continues chipping away at her life force out of selfishness, the karmic price may be severe.

He does not truly love her in any meaningful way, because as nature dictates, if he did, he would be set on her as the sole focus of his ardor until either those efforts bore fruit, or she rejected his advances.

She is simply a well above average piece of ass to him and he has no intention of making her time investment in the relationship pay off in any tangible way.

On the contrary, he would rather feed her ideas about “open relationships” and have unlimited opportunities of togetherness with other females than actually serve any useful, tangibly evident purpose in her life.
(07-14-2019, 08:41 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: On the contrary, he would rather feed her ideas about “open relationships” and have unlimited opportunities of togetherness with other females than actually serve any useful, tangibly evident purpose in her life.

One need only look at Archie’s goals to determine the validity of this reasoning...

His greatest dream is to head a communal living endeavor. He wants a “retreat” where he can collect more females.

It is not easy to find a woman as beautiful as Krista, with some of her other endearing qualities considered... most certainly, until he found an acceptable replacement, he would not be willing to let her go.
You can be certain that he looks for someone younger, more beautiful (a very difficult task), and equally or more naive than Krista is now.

It must also be noted that Krista’s attractiveness and remaining youth is a wonderful tool for attracting the type of females he seeks.
I hereby deem Archie unworthy of further interaction with Krista. I put forth that they may find their respective replacements at this time.

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