So yeah I dig the concept of relationships with older men...
My cousins used to spring those plastic fangs on my aunt every time she took a family picture. Annoyed the hell out of her. LOL

Gah, Krista is such a fly bitch.



About 1:50 in I start getting a vibe of the overall feel of Krista/Archie's environment and I'm sorta weirded out.

Not cuz it's bad or something, just cuz it's like...

Well it feels a lot more normal than I figured it might.

Krista is a quality bitch, look at the shine on that floor, I tell you what...

If I was Archie, I might be putting a ring on that sweet piece of ass.

3:44 I feel like Krista's not a slut though. Like for real. I'm serious.

Dude wow.

Krista's GOTTA be a Virgo. GOTTA be. LMAO.

I dunno, I still think Archie should throw in the towel and marry her, it's not like either one of them are gonna get any less crazy.

Pussy Power... LMAO.

That feminism shit is SOOO WEIRRRD.

This is a great video because we can see down Krista's shirt almost the entire time.

I would rub naked bodies with Krista, but not in a gay way.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

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