Popcorn Sutton
I found this last night and thought it was worth sharing. Enjoy.

Modern humans are the most complexly weird animals ever to inhabit this planet and I truly have no doubt of that.
Description says this video is from 2002.
5:52 lol.
Quote:Sutton committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning in March 2009, aged 62, rather than report to federal prison after being convicted of offenses related to moonshining and illegal firearm possession. Since his death, a new company and associated whiskey brand have been named after him.

Quote:His daughter said he had told her in advance that he would commit suicide rather than go to jail, adding that he had "the strength to die the way he lived: according to his own wishes and no one else's."
Quote:He had also prepared a footstone in advance for his gravesite, and for years he had kept it by his front porch and had kept his casket ready in his living room. The epitaph on his footstone reads "Popcorn Said Fuck You".

Slow Clap
God bless Popcorn Sutton.
14:23 he's got a pretty amazing face.
21:33 see these backwoods folk are actually pretty damn smart... well, they CAN be. I've known people like this... if you underestimate them, you're missing out.
I didn't know he killed himself, or rather I didn't know the details of his passing.
There were comments saying "RIP Popcorn" in the comment section of that video
and I didn't have a chance at that time to look him up so I only knew that he had
already passed from seeing those. He seemed like good people. Quite a character!

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