The Rider-Waite by Pamela Colman Smith is still the best tarot deck of all time.
Even with all the reiterations of the Rider-Waite and all the variations of the art and the entirely different takes on the deck that have come out...

Of ALL the decks out there, tarot, oracle, and otherwise...

The Rider-Waite as illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith is still the absolute best.

I don't think that'll ever change...

I mean we've seen some variety at this point, and still nothing comes close.

Yeah, there are some absolute masterpieces out there, definitely. Like the Ethereal Visions tarot, an excellent deck full of brilliant artwork, a legend in its own right.

And yet...

Pixie reigns supreme...

Good goin' my lady.
Have you ever seen the Lovecraft tarot? They're pretty cool but I'm
not at all well versed in any kind of tarot. Just a Lovecraft fan.
I had never heard of it before...

Is that it??

Oh yes, it's very interesting.

I do like niche tarot decks, there's a Game of Thrones deck that is actually bitchin' as fuck (even though I have never watches GoT) and I think it'd be cool to have except for one thing...

The Death card...

Since I've never seen the show, it makes no sense to me. And that's how I am with tarot... if there's ONE card that I think sucks, I won't use the deck. A few otherwise great decks have been ruined because of this for me.

I'd totally buy the Supernatural tarot if it was a complete game at this point, but I don't want only major arcana. Though if I was a TRUE, DIEHARD Supernatural fan, I'd have it anyway.
(12-16-2019, 02:31 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I had never heard of it before...

Is that it??

Yeah. I've only seen a few cards from it. There's a website called Facade where 
you can do free tarot readings, I-Ching, Runes, etc. And the tarot readings allow
you to pick from several different kinds of decks. I liked the Cat People deck too.
Ooo this is cool!

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