Decided I'm gonna start drinking brandy...
I mean, the peach flavor is still better on its own...

I wouldn't choose to have apple by itself, but it's definitely bearable.


Way way better than I originally thought.

Pineapple is now in 3rd place.
Sometimes I just rub the brandy on my body.
You like rubbing it on your lips.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
I mix it with maple syrup and I rub it on my lips.
I have noticed that if you rub brandy on cuts/scrapes, they heal faster.
TBH, brandy is a little bit of heaven on earth.
Picking up the brandy habit was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
The buzz from brandy is a lot different than any other alcohol I've ever had.

I used to put a cap on it at like 3 little mini glasses (a little bigger than a standard shotglass) of mixed juice/brandy drinks, but tonight I've had like 5 and I'm still not drunk or even what I'd consider tipsy, I'm just mellow and increasingly feel like going to sleep.

That's about it.

I mean it does make me feel happy a little bit, but it's just really mellow.

So far I haven't experienced a hangover yet... the closest I've gotten to a hangover was just some residual tiredness. No headache BS and none of the nausea or anything that I've had in the past if I drank some other kinda alcohol.
I actually read that brandy is one of the worst offenders as it pertains to hangovers...

I found that interesting because if anybody would get a hangover, it'd be me, but I haven't had anything that I'd consider unpleasant happen yet.
I'm almost kinda getting used to the taste of it though and am having a higher alcohol to juice ratio than I used to. It's like my tolerance to the taste of it is sort of building.

One bad experience though, and I'll be put off it forever.

I really don't want that to happen because over all, this is the only good experience I've ever had with drinking any type of alcohol.

I always make it a point to drink at least one glass of water at the end of the night... I've heard that hydrating after drinking helps stave off hangovers.
I will say this though...

I'm probably gonna have to lay off it just because of the other ingredients I've become accustomed to enjoying with the brandy. The drinks are delicious but it's probably healthier just to have the brandy alone.

While yes, the taste of the peach brandy particularly is very good, I wouldn't drink much of it at all if I had to have it by itself. Maybe that's for the best anyway... so rather than drinking it every night, I'd just have it every now and then.

I dunno, I'm torn about it because I really do think it's great.

It's fine to drink by itself. I love it at room temp, it's deliciously warm going down. I don't like it cold. So at least I know how I'd enjoy it "neat" if I were to decide to stop having the juice mix with it.

We'll see what I end up doing, but odds are I will just have less of it.
So definitively, peach brandy wins.

It can be enjoyed by itself, and is delicious mixed too.

Apple is great mixed, but alone... dear God, no thank you.

I was thinking maybe apple by itself would grow on me but it definitely hasn't.

If I'm spoiling myself, I'm getting peach AND apple. But if I have to choose just one, it's peach.
I'll tell you what though...

CBD gummies and alcohol don't mix, ROFLMAO!


Maybe in some other form it would be fine to mix CBD and alcohol, I know they have CBD alcoholic beverages but...

That shit did NOT sit well.
And one drink fucked me up harder than it ever does.
And by "fucked me up" I just mean it made me tireder than usual.


I swear brandy JUST makes me tired.

I've had a few good laughs and a low key buzz of happiness but other than that...

JUST tiredness.
What I don't get is how anybody goes "clubbing" and drinks...

IMHO drinking alcohol and doing anything but sitting or laying around just doesn't fucking go together at all.
I'm about to have another drink and I get the feeling it's going to knock me the fuck out.

It's feeling kind of good though.

Before seriously drinking brandy I'd just kind of recommend getting totally ready to go to sleep beforehand because if it works right, the only action you're going be able to successfully carry out after a few drinks is getting the fuck in bed.
Makes you sweat pretty good too...

I mean like REALLY warms the body up and causes perspiration.

It's kind of amazing.

I do think brandy needs to be taken a little bit more seriously as a therapeutic modality though.

It's definitely not something to mindlessly indulge in or overuse.
Brandy seems to have a spirit...

(Yes, I know.)

And seems like it comes to you when you need it, or when it can be of assistance.

Then when it's done, it seems like it'll put you off it somehow.

You really gotta pay attention to those cues in order to avoid an experience that could leave a bad taste in your mouth.

And of course the idea is to respect the brandy spirit and what it provides, it all goes hand in hand.
Yeah so I just had to lay down cuz that second drink knocked me the fuck out hard...

I think CBD and alcohol really intensify each other's effects and I wouldn't necessarily wanna do that too much in the future...

It's just very very sedating.

I don't find sedation hugely useful in my life generally...

I mean of course it's great to know how to achieve the effect of sedation if I ever needed it or wanted it...

So this exploration into brandy etc. has been very valuable for that reason, among others.

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