I've just realized in all seriousness it's not only probable but very likely that...
I've been interpreted as a lesbian several times, at vastly different eras of my life, for a plethora of reasons...

And this realization has made me crack the fuck up in genuine laughter from the purest of places in my heart.
LOL. I was wondering! Who wouldn't appreciate the sexiness of a pretty woman?
Oh I've had a few powerful girl crushes in my time!

I wouldn't be with a chick in any kinda sexual way though.

Aside from maybe touching nipples together, but you know I have a fetish for that anyway...

haha! You're awesome.

I rub tits with my friend, Karen sometimes. Through our shirts, just goofing around. She has lesbian tendencies for sure, and she's awesome. One time I went to her house and when she was turned I ran up and pressed my tits in her back and she let out a squeal. lol.
She's my neighbor and she's been back in Michigan taking care of her mom and wont be home for a couple of months. I miss her. We joke about getting "gay married". She's really funny, and actually so am I. I miss my "wife" lol
Between your post and this hotass episode of Columbo I'm currently watching, I'm about to jack my own swag all over the place!!!!!!!!

And I have NICE tits too. So think about that tonight!

I KNOW you do...


God I love you GG, for so many reasons.

Thanks for making me smile babe...


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