The various oddities surrounding Prince's death...
This photo supposedly shows Prince leaving Walgreens:

We're talking about PRINCE. A MASSIVELY famous person. Not regular famous. Not a typical celebrity. PRINCE.


And I'm supposed to believe he went into Walgreens?


And more than once?

Yeah, I don't buy that. AT ALL.

It would be IRRESPONSIBLE. If he went into Walgreens, PERIOD, let alone by himself... he would get mobbed, and he couldn't blame anybody for it. And Prince had been famous long enough to know that damn good and well. There's no way he'd go into Walgreens.

In this interview on Lopez Tonight, George asks him "Do you ever just kick it and go to Olive Garden in a sweatsuit?" ...

It's a very funny question, the audience laughs, Prince laughs... and responds that he doesn't own a sweatsuit. He doesn't even answer the actual question, and that's BECAUSE it's so absurd. That's WHY Lopez asked the question... because it's ridiculous.

To go to Olive Garden, Prince would have to go after hours or have the place closed to the public while he dined. 

Yet I'm supposed to believe he causally went into WALGREENS??? Several times? This article says that the "people at the Walgreens store" were "concerned" because Prince looked much more "frail and nervous" than "usual". As if it was a common occurrence that Prince went into Walgreens alone. I MEAN COME ON!?!? DOES ANYBODY REALLY BELIEVE THIS?!?!

It's just so ridiculous.

Celebrity look-alikes and impersonators are a dime a dozen, body doubles are very common in the entertainment industry and in no way do I believe the person pictured coming out of Walgreens was actually Prince.

And how about those incredibly prophetic lyrics in "LET'S GO CRAZY"...

The ELEVATOR? REALLY? It's OBVIOUSLY a message... very symbolic. The purple banana?

Be on the lookout... the "purple banana" is code for a marker in time.

It's a signal.

Here's a great interview with Dick Gregory about Prince's death...

At 4:09, the interviewer addresses the question of Prince going to Walgreens, having supposedly RIDDEN A BIKE to get there...

Do I even need to note how completely absurd a notion that truly is?

Gregory points out that there were no crowds around Prince when he was allegedly at Walgreens... yet, TMZ was there and they're owned by who? Time Warner, who Prince was originally signed under. "It's a game," Gregory says.

He points out that Prince was OUTSIDE the compound (Paisley Park) on his bike. It's one thing to say Prince was riding his bike around his own protected compound... but to assert that he went outside of it and into town on his bike is more than a little ridiculous. Any alleged sightings of him on his bike outside the compound, days or weeks before his death could have easily been body doubles.

Gregory also hints at body doubles/"agents" at 2:23.

Dick Gregory says in this video that Prince was killed on the plane owned by Warren Buffett. So I deduce that any sightings of Prince after the trip on the plane were not him, but a body double.

This isn't necessarily what I would agree with... but I do believe Prince was dead before he was found in the elevator.

I also believe that Prince will be "brought back" to perform in hologram. He may have developed the hologram show at Paisley Park, like so many of his music videos etc.

More on the lyrics of "Let's Go Crazy" and its mention of the elevator. L.A. Reid, a friend of Prince, claimed that Prince once stated that elevators are "the devil" and that they "scared" him.

There could be a few reasons for this. 

Either Prince had knowledge (in 1984 and/or prior) that he was going to be killed someday and found in an elevator... or he had divine intuition that he would die and be found in an elevator.

Some say that a "deal" is made with "the powers that be" whenever someone is made a celebrity... and some even say that these celebrities are made aware before or during the process that they're actually going to be killed someday in exchange for becoming famous. It's something they agree to, and supposedly the terms can vary. It may not always be death... but apparently, there's always a cost.

I'm not saying I believe this... but it's food for thought. There are a lot of oddities surrounding Prince's passing and it shouldn't be glossed over... people need to really think about what is being said and claimed. Don't just believe the narrative... question everything.

This article states that Prince wasn't seen again after the Walgreens sighting on the day he died... 

All his usual staff and friends that always hung around Paisley Park were apparently absent. Suspicious indeed.

"Security footage" apparently shows him "taking pills" shortly before his death. Now if a look-alike can ride around on a bike in town and get photographed by TMZ... then surely a look-alike/body double could walk around Paisley Park getting recorded on security cameras, pretending to be Prince and setting the scene for his body to be found.

This would be especially easy if Prince really had been killed on the plane (owned by Warren Buffett) like Dick Gregory suggests. Any sightings after that would be a body double. After the plane... it may have all been a setup.

It even corroborates with what the "people at Walgreens" said about "Prince" acting so much different than "usual". Sure a body double isn't going to have the same level of energy or charisma as the real Prince. And that body double might even be "nervous"... and seem scared, or as they put it "frail".

I'll admit I've never known all that much about Prince. But Dick Gregory led on that he thought it was odd that TMZ's photographers were the only ones who were around when Prince was in public so unguarded. And since it was supposedly a normal occurrence... why are there no pics from people who saw him at Walgreens? And other places that he must have gone to if he was so non-chalant about going out to public places totally unguarded?

And what about that doctor guy and his son who were "enlisted" by a staff member to "help" Prince just before his death?

Dr. Kornfeld and his son BOTH look EVIL AS FUCK!!! I mean LOOK AT THEM!!!

Downright frightening... and Andrew Kornfeld just so happened to be the one who found Prince dead and called an ambulance? HE FOUND PRINCE DEAD IN AN ELEVATOR AT PAISLEY PARK WHERE NOBODY WAS EVEN AROUND WHEN PRICE DIED??? HOW DID HE GET IN!? 

This alleges that Prince was in the elevator dead for over 6 hours...

Dead for over 6 hours before this DOCTOR just happens to be the first one to use the elevator and finds Prince???

Give me a fucking break.
Prince's autopsy CONVENIENTLY "sealed" under MN state law for 30 YEARS...

This is what they ALWAYS do when they want to hide something.

They basically want everyone to believe that he died from overdosing on fentanylwhat is essentially super mega heroin...

A likely story.

Eventually the security camera footage showing the 'overdose' and his subsequent death will be released and available all over the internet, and then they'll be able to devour the energetic feast of all Prince's fans viewing and emotionally reacting to the footage.

Total ritualistic sacrifice. 

It doesn't even HAVE to ACTUALLY BE Prince in the footage either for this to be effective... it could be a double. Which I assume it will be. 

Prince was probably dead at least 24 hours before what they allege what his death at Paisley Park.

That article claims the last people to see him alive were his 'staffers' on the 20th. Even though it's claimed that nobody was around Paisley Park before he died. It says those staffers were the ones who called 911... when otherwise it's claimed that the hella weird looking doctor with a backpack full of pills was the one to discover him in the elevator and called 911.

As usual... can't even get their fucking stories straight. That's what happens when a situation is wholly fabricated.
(06-14-2016, 01:46 PM)Trix Wrote: Eventually the security camera footage showing the 'overdose' and his subsequent death will be released 

Or I should say it will be leaked...

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