Pareidolia report!
Just saw a dude laying on my bed...

Biggest pareidolia visual yet.

At least he was hot.
I saw the name of a burger joint on the burger they served me.
damn fine burger
so fine 
I had the same shit 
OMG I just saw the hottest Victorian era chick EVERRR in the bathroom floor!!!

It was kind of a side portrait, I think she was standing by a flower bush and touching/semi-holding one of the flowers, looking down at it.

Dark hair, white shirt, black skirt, age 20s.

She had a pretty, large round earring on but of course due to the side-view I couldn't see the other one.
I just saw Donald Trump in drag makeup on the tile in front of the sink.
(09-18-2018, 04:27 PM)Trix Wrote: The alien from Mars Attacks! just watched me take a leak.

did you know they are actually speaking vietnamese  Big Grin
(05-08-2019, 07:23 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

Pretty fucking amazing video/info as per usual.

12:38 very fascinating and again touching on the topic of pareidolia.
as compelling as his footage is, in the minute or two I watched, he said "maybe", "probably", "i think", etc., almost every idea.

sorry folks, just some guy guessing what random things mean. not much to see here.

ewww that pie man
Dancing Banana 
LMFAO that's fuckin' terrifying.

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