Nothing that Hollywood releases is actually for the sake of entertainment anymore...
Every last bit of it is propaganda. 

Every actor bought and paid for, even off screen they only say what is allowed.

The entertainment industry is for one purpose and one purpose only...

I'm not even saying this is news to me...

But the depth it goes to is astounding.

If they're under a contract, they are no longer free person. They can't say what they want to or have their own opinions.

They take a few different approaches... they're either vocal about the propaganda, or they try to stay 'low key' and not discuss anything.

That's the deal in Hollywood...

If you're saying anything, it better be what THEY want you to say. You can be famous, but you can't do anything with it unless what you're doing is approved.

For a lot of them, it's good enough to just be famous, have money in the bank... that's all they're looking for. They have no problem with not being able to be vocal about anything.
Hollywood has been sold out and used for brainwashing since shortly after its inception.

At some point early on, they recognized its usefulness for controlling people.

Highly psychological...

People like to imitate their favorite characters in movies.

It's the perfect way to brainwash and control people.

After so many decades of this going on, people don't even realize their whole lives and the lives of those before them were totally influenced by hollywood propaganda.

People don't even know what is real anymore, they don't even know their thoughts aren't really their own.

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