Trisha Paytas pays $10k for liposuction, keeps making fast food eating show videos...
(06-29-2017, 11:09 PM)Trix Wrote:
ROFL she actually cracked me the fuck up at the beginning of this video, total Bette Davis/Baby Jane vibes...

she bears a striking resemblance to the female gremlin in the still on the left.

she's not even among the worst shit on youtube at this point. people are now burying themselves alive to stream it, and i saw a video talking about how young girls are duct taping themselves to beds as the latest fad. the fuck?
rhombus will set you free.
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” ― Michael Ellner

Ecstasy? MDMA? Molly? Angel dust? Her shirt says marijuana., but that is way too vanilla for her behavior.

ROFL. She is fun though.

LOL, beer is so nasty.

I honestly feel like Trisha needs to just cut the BS, stockpile Cristal and go ahead and crescendo into a perpetual mid-life crisis. Why not start a decade early? It'll be fun!

Trisha and I are soulmates 100%, we really should get together and have a platonic romantic relationship.

LMFAO I made it 12 minutes in, I can't take anymore.

9:12 ROFLMAO, don't worry Trisha, you're definitely not reptilian...

If there's anybody I can say is definitely not reptilian, it's Trisha.

But you know things have gone way too far when even Trisha Paytas is talking about conspiracies, the illuminati, etc... now it's all just a bunch of trendy crap.

RIP, lunatic fringe.
So Trisha Paytas FINALLY made it onto Celebrity Big Brother like she's wanted for years and years...

ROFL! She's on the UK edition!

People upload clips from it since she's such a popular YouTuber...

The fuss over her and how popular/how many numbers she has behind her will actually be a great way for the final blows to be delivered to the ego of the old guard media establishment.

She's gone in there and just completely brought the new wave celebrity/child of the internet attitude with her and is totally fucking up all these 'mainstream celebrities' that have literally no personality or identity whatsoever compared to her.

The internet is the new hollywood... I believe they've brought Trisha on their stupid show so they can run the numbers and really assess how much their replacements (the internet 'celebrities') are stomping them into the ground and how totally fucked they truly are.
I have LOWERED myself to watching this dumb as fuck Celebrity Big Brother UK show just to see Trisha on it...

It's a VERY SAD glimpse into how stupid the masses actually are. The show itself, the commercials that run. The presenter... it's MIND NUMBINGLY stupid. And vapid.

I can hardly even BELIEVE it.

Some may argue, "It's entertainment! People watch for fun!" Man, do they? I don't know, I feel like people watch it because they love it and they wanna mimic this behavior. They look up to these people and these lifestyles and it's freaking CRAZY.

But if people don't realize how truly obnoxious and banal this 'entertainment' is, that is bad. Really bad. Take the Kim Kardashian show for example... I have never seen that show. Ever. Not even once. But you see people all over social media trying to mimic those chicks, trying to look like them and recreate their styles, etc. If they thought it was as dumb, soulless and sad as it actually is... then why would they mimic it??

I think they actually like it.

From what I can tell watching this banal dogshit, and from what I know about Trisha... it looks like she is the only one actually being real on this show. I've seen a lot of people say she's trolling... but I honestly believe she is NOT trolling. She's being serious. She's surrounded by fakers on this show... MSM 'celebrities' who probably have fewer fans than she does, and they have ABSOLUTELY NO real connection to their fans. Trisha's a YouTuber, she shares her ACTUAL LIFE with her audience. Yeah, she's known to stir the pot and do silly troll shit every now and then. But for the most part, she's making a genuine connection with the audience. That's what she's USED TO.

So now she's thrown in the middle of this super fake situation, with honestly FAR LESSER beings. I mean of course she is FAKE as shit, physically. But as far as the thoughts she shares and whatnot, it's mostly the truth.

She's on this shitty show having a FUCKING TERRIBLE experience. Mostly her roles have been really quick, she's never actually had to LIVE somewhere else. She's TRAPPED on this show, in the UK, a country I can promise you she will NEVER like after this. LOL. NOTHING is up to her standards, she doesn't have any of the fabulous shit she's used to. She feels like the place is a SHIT HOLE. It's been basically the worst experience of her life so far and she just wants to leave.

It's honest to God the truth, she's not even playing. She HATES it. This is not part of show drama and you can just tell by the way she's acting. You can tell everyone else is being super fake. They are trying to 'play the drama' because they all actually NEED the exposure this show is going to give them, meanwhile Trisha is independently popular and rich as fuck. She's got an excellent career, self-made. NONE of these people do. She DESPISES this experience and just wants to leave... she'll get her way.
Another thing I've noticed about this UK channel that is incredibly weird... they have A LOT OF ads for upcoming shows about dead celebrities. Kurt Cobain was the first one I saw an ad for... they were playing up his 'suicide' and even had a chick on there who sounded TOTALLY full of shit and basically she was saying he 'told people' he was going to 'kill himself' which is TOTAL LIES. So they enjoy spinning lies and creating huge drama around dead celebrities like they are harvesting loosh or something.

Then there was an advert for a show about Patrick Swayze. It was about how he was sooo strong and fearless and unstoppable BUT THEN CANCER MADE HIM DIIIIEEEEE. It's like holy fuck... could they get any more blatant dramatizing these deaths and practically having a blast wallowing around in the suffering and deadness?

Some of the weirdest shit ever... what the hell can you actually expect from a channel that is gonna tout a show called "BIG BROTHER"? LITERALLY out of a damn George Orwell novel. Literally glamorizing surveillance and TPTB living inside your ass with a microscope.
They just gave Trisha an out...

It's actually totally hilarious and really transparent that they did it just for her. Honestly it's actually kind of nice of them. She wants off the show SO fucking bad, so they basically just manufactured an out for her.

Honestly, Trisha is sort of throwing a monkey wrench in the show by being so real about it. Because everyone else is trying to be super fake and create a bunch of drama for 'entertainment', and then Trisha gets on there and points out how 'fake and boring' everyone is and how much she hates it. ROFL. So they basically want her gone too, so they can play up the drama without having someone around calling out how fake it is.

They did some stupid challenge and then a lot of the housemates lost their access to 'luxury' food and had to eat basic crap, and Trisha was one of them. Naturally she despises that situation. So then they called in each housemate, offered them a pizza, but on the condition that they couldn't be immune to eviction, which happens in a couple days or something. The first housemate will be evicted.

Trisha was the only one who chose to eat the pizza and passed on eviction immunity. So that's basically them saying she's first off the show, and she knows it too. She was so fucking happy to have the pizza... ROFL. Trisha needs to go home.

We'll see if I'm right.

The worst part about this experience for Trisha is that it will probably turn her off to traveling... especially in Europe. Which may not even be a bad thing. But she will get home from this total crap experience and go balls to the wall self-comfort more than ever before. It'll be different from any other way she's ever experienced it though. She will need to recover from this.

Trisha got tired of waiting to be evicted and fucking left of her own accord.

That is FUCKING hilarious.

She is probably like the first person to ever leave that ridiculous fakeass stupid piece of shit show on purpose.

ROFLMAO OMG it's so funny.

Wow, thank God. Now she can make YouTube vids again and finally participate in something that's actually entertaining.

Love you Trisha...

Doing whatever the fuck you want to do at any given time is the only way to live honey.
The Internet is the new hollywood...

Internet fame is the new celebrity.

How does it feel to be fucking owned, MSM?

I CANNOT wait to see her videos dishing the truth about her fakeass piece of shit experience on some pathetic MSM show.


It will be glorious.


I just hope they didn't make her agree to/sign something that says she can't talk about it...

It would suck for her to have to hold back, or for them to come after her for saying some shit.

She is gonna be so honest, ROFL... she is gonna be talking about this for a while.

She's gonna address how much it sucked on every front...

From the 'house' itself being a complete and utter shithole, totally uncomfortable, no fucking supplies, not even nice, nothing fun...

To the things she hates about Europe, like the fucked up pizza, and the people being super weird. But a lot of her viewers are from the UK, so she probably won't dish as hard on how weird she thinks they are.

She'll talk about how fucking fake all the other people were, and how Chad was the only remotely real/honest person there besides her.

She'll talk about how she doesn't wanna travel to Europe again... she'll talk about how they treated her like shit on the show and how she felt like a prisoner.

She'll say it was like high school all over again, only WORSE than high school ever was because it was ADULTS being that way... and once you get out of high school and into the real world, the horror is over. Or it's SUPPOSED TO BE... then you step into some nightmare shitshow where the worst of the worst was awakened again, OMG ROFL!!! She's gonna LEVEL about this shit.

Can't wait.
OH MY GOD HERE IT ISSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*screams louder than ever before in the history of all screams*

Alright, 3 seconds into the video and here are some things I can tell you...

Trisha is still wearing the makeup she had on when she left the show. She has gone straight to a hotel and settled. Let's listen.

Yup Trisha is right... she was literally the only famous person on there. Nobody even knows who the rest of those people are.

Trisha is FRESH out of the house. FRESH out. She hasn't even slept. It's literally like 4AM in the UK right now.

Once she's had time to think about all this...

She's really gonna have some shit to say.

3:19 she says she's "in the Twilight Zone"... yup.

She's literally delirious right now.

She needs to sleep and hop a plane back to the US.

She'll have plenty of time to get her thoughts in order and really share what she's been through.

See, she wanted off the show sooner, she wanted to be evicted yesterday but they were trying to keep her on and effectively did put off her eviction again. So she just left Friday, and it was really awkward too, everyone was gathered around her while she was standing at the door about to leave. Trying to talk her out of it. Really weird motherfuckers in that place.

Oh wow, she made a video before this one. Shit I missed it!!!

So from the title I can tell this is Trisha playing it up... she's got her dress on that she wore when they filmed her credits on the show. She is just playing it up for the clickbait because she has to cover all sides. We'll watch it anyway, here goes:

OMG she's in the UK until Tuesday, that is gay as fuck.

She says she regrets it but she's just in shock basically.


The only reason she's upset about it in this video is because she thinks she let people down or whatever, but she doesn't actually give a fuck. I'm not saying she's not being honest about appreciating all the support etc. I'm just saying she HATED being in that fucking place and was gonna leave no matter what.

The ONLY reason she stayed as long as she did is because she didn't want to 'let people down'. She would have been out of there like the second day otherwise.

She just basically had to make this video to cover the bases for all the haters that were gonna say they were 'let down' blah blah because Trisha really is a people-pleaser.

5:25, she addresses how fake all these people are, it's literally their entire career to be 'reality TV' actors. She was the odd one out to begin with... the only one who actually had a real personality. Totally incompatible. I can't believe they even had her on the show in the first place. They should have known it would have been like that.

Like I said in another post... it was probably a test run to see how well internet celebrities fuse with the MSM fake TV platform. And so they've found out they don't fuse at all, because these internet celebrities are usually just ACTUAL PERSONALITIES who share their real lives on the internet and therefore don't build their career around being fake. They actually build their career around SHARING THEIR LIVES, which is the antithesis of ANY MSM celebrity.

And that is the OLD celebrity. The NEW celebrity is the INTERNET... it's REAL, rather than wholly fabricated. That's what people like now... REAL shit.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that all the internet celebs are "real"... but even the fake as fuck ones are more real than any MSM 'celebrity'. No question.

10:20 Trisha didn't even have her fucking PHONE. OMG what sheer hell, LMFAO!!! Wow man. They took her phone... like a fucking prisoner. Being on that show is 100% ROUGHING IT for someone like Trisha. She's rich AF, she has EVERYTHING she loves and enjoys in her life in the US... she's got EVERYTHING she wants. That situation and environment was just pure shit. So not worth it.

11:55 man it is SOOO freaky the way that Trisha wanted to leave SO BAD, she was going to self-evict before this and she said they ACTUALLY READ HER A QUOTE from the announcement video she made on YouTube that she was gonna be on the show. That is SOOO creepy. They basically cornered her and read her a quote from one of her own videos to try to mindfuck her into staying. Wow. That is some next level shit right there.

LMFAO... it's like Trisha has legitimately been traumatized. It's gonna take her a while to actually understand WTF happened... LOL oooh my.

She's saying she's only gonna make these two videos about it, ROFL. She'll be talking about this for weeks. LMFAO.

It's pretty amazing the way that Trisha is all sad and crying because people paid money to vote/save her position on the show, and then she walked out. LOL. NO MSM CELEB would EVERRR fucking cry or give a SINGLE FUCK about people 'wasting' money on them for ANY reason.

It's actually good that Trisha is in the UK for a few days. That'll give her a little while to think about the situation whilst still close to the epicenter. It will be a good thing for her to further observe the environment and incorporate some of the experiences whilst still nearby. If she was magically home today, it would distance her more from the experience and it wouldn't have time to really set in the same way.
My guess is, the experiences she will have over the next few days in the UK will only solidify her dislike of the entire area and the whole experience. And I'll just reiterate, Trisha basically hates the food too. That's huge for her... if the food isn't what she's used to, she's going to hate it. She also hates the way people talk and she can't relate to it. She basically thinks they are all assholes.

Truth be told...

Some shady shit is gonna go down between now and the time she can finally jump that flight home.

Bwahahahaha this is her exit video from the show...

Trisha being totally honest.

ROFL at the end when they tell her the door is unlocked and she can leave.

*shakes head*

Nailed it.

2:24 she starts talking about how Chad was the only 'real' one, just like I said she would. Then she starts talking about how glad she was that she left the show when she did because some super weird shit went down afterwards... apparently they electrocuted EVERYONE. Like. So fucking bizarre. They electrocuted everyone in the ass. Talk about dodging a bullet.

3:38 she mentions how she signed a contract so basically she could land in hot water if she says the wrong shit about the show. She is smart though, she finds loopholes in things.

4:35 dude OMG... I wonder what she "knows". Because again, I can read Trisha... I can tell when she's being serious. She's definitely serious about knowing things or having witnessed something. I just wonder WTF it was. The whole thing sounds like it must have been a total nightmare.

This video is boring as shit though, Trisha has still not incorporated the situation adequately yet.

14:15 "You are allowed to quit"... I totally agree with her. Goes right along with the thread I made today about only doing what you want to do:

17:00 she starts trying to sugar coat her earlier statement about how much the UK sucks. LOL. And she definitely does feel that way, she was being honest. But she's trying to be softer about it now. She probably doesn't hate the UK, and I'm sure some of the people are nice to her, but she still totally doesn't like it.

21:33 AMEN TRISHA!!!!!!!!!

36:32... AHA. She admits it. She literally SAYS she was "traumatized".

Yup. I called it. This experience straight up traumatized Trisha.

And what she says about trying to talk the issue out with the show is concerning because they're corporate and don't care about her at all... but she does have a HUGE audience. Maybe she is lucky enough to have that on her side, which will encourage their co-operation with her.

I got the sense that Trisha felt in danger to a degree... for some reason. She just didn't feel safe the last day she was there. It was really pretty weird honestly. And even if she does talk it out with them, I can't see her being satisfied with that because like all else, they will just be fake with her because they don't care at all. That will leave her unsatisfied and she'll want to talk about it elsewhere.

But doing so might put her in danger of being sued for a violation of the contract. So I'll just say this... if Trisha doesn't get her 'trauma' sorted out with the people who run the show, and she can't legally talk about it on social media, then she should just talk to a psychiatrist about it.

Dude Trisha is obnoxious.

It's Wednesday, thank God she's home.

UK Trisha is just... a blackhole of suck.

3:23 sometimes she literally fucking MUMBLES and makes NO FUCKING SENSE.

Sometimes I wanna marry her and be besties, and other times I feel like she just needs to be tied up. And gagged.

4:25 ROFLMAO she FUCKING HATES the UK. Ahahahahaha it's hilarious, she's like never going back.

LMFAO Trisha lost her virginity to Viper (David Lipper) from Full House... OMG.

I meeean... honestly, he's 1000% less cringey than literally everyone she's been with since, gotta admit.

LMFAO Trisha is one of those people who just buys new clothes when all the other clothes are dirty...


Trisha trying to find Buckingham Palace, ROFLMAO she has NOOOOOO idea where she even is. NOOOOO idea.

It's actually kinda sad...

It might be like the last times that white people will even be safe in the UK, ROFL, and Trisha doesn't even know the significance behind Buckingham Palace etc.

Trisha is an American girl. Hardcore.

12:26 I feel like... Trisha needs a friend who will show her how to do life.

She really does.

I feel bad for her... LOL.

She's not a bad chick. It's sad.

13:45 and it's so weird, somebody comes up to Trisha cuz they recognize her, and they ask for a pic...

And then they're literally like thanks and just walks away. WHAT THE FUCK!? I wouldn't want a picture with Trisha Paytas... I'd just come up to her and be like, "OMG I love you! How are you?" and then that'd be it.

I mean it's way more weird and awkward to ask somebody for a pic right out of the gate than it is to just be like, "Hi! Are you okay?"

LMFAO! Am I right though?! I know I'm right.

LOL it's funny because Trisha just gave her camera to that random dude to take a pic of her, and he could have just run off with it. Trisha is a total victim. Total naive target. It's amazing she doesn't get taken for a ride more often.

Stick to America, Trisha, for God's sake, stick to America.

I also don't get why people ask other people to take pics of them in front of shit. Like just do it yourself. Get a damn selfie stick or just rough it.

I mean look at my selfie with Devil's Tower! They turn out great!

14:17 LMFAO... okay I take back what I said, Trisha in the UK is pretty hilarious. God bless.

I love Trisha though. I feel like she wants to cry right here. LOL... =\

15:59, ROFL um no. She's NEVER coming back. LOLOL she HAAATTTTEEESSS the UK. She does not care. At all.

She hates the place, the people, the food, the clothes... she hates it all and thinks it all totally sucks.

Trisha is excellent at what she does though. Totally excellent. She's great at being a pro YouTuber.

LOL holy shit, Trisha has LOST her SHIT!

She now claims she self-identifies as a black woman.

Epic trolling. Epic no fucks given status right here.


14:00 ROFL. Looord have mercy.


Ahahahahahahaha. Oh my God.

She's dishing the truth about CBB... saying it was rigged and Sarah Harding was the one who was gonna win from the start.

As if that's surprising.

Trisha's new video is dire AF.

Like WTF!?

I mean...

Props to her for being honest.

1:35 - 1:48 LMFAO wow... so epic, so true.

Not saying Trisha's life sucks, but the sentiment... everyone who knows money doesn't buy happiness can relate to that statement.



Well, that was an interesting one. I hope Trisha is okay...


its like her soul is empty so she is unhappy , maybe we all need to go back to church

consumerism and celebrity worship are just tools of the devil

I love this version of Trisha Paytas.

Team Christianity FTW!!!

She’s donating all money from the song to the future building of a church.

That’s pretty righteous... literally. Proud of her.
Dude, oh my God...

I fucking love Trisha Paytas so fucking much.

The video is her PRETENDING to be on the Tonight Show.


She has a childlike imagination though.

People can laugh all they want, but this really is how magic is done.

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