Trisha Paytas pays $10k for liposuction, keeps making fast food eating show videos...
(08-11-2017, 06:15 PM)Trix Wrote: The Internet is the new hollywood...

Internet fame is the new celebrity.

How does it feel to be fucking owned, MSM?

That's why the legacy media is trying to take over the Internet and suppress independent creators. Take a look at the YouTube front page when you're not logged in. It's 90% corporate MSM content that people joined YouTube to get away from.

Now about this Trisha. She reminds me of a guy who posts on another board. He weighed close to 600 pounds and got a lap band installed to curb his eating. then bragged about breaking the lap band by eating too much.

Comment I Wrote:That awkward moment you realize she filmed a lingerie haul in that rented mansion earlier that day...

Girl what the fuck. What the fuck my friend. I still love you but. Wow. LMFAO. Oh my. Oh my, Trisha.
She's kind of cute. I wonder how long it would take to fuck that baby fat off of her.

I dunno.

I'd wife Trisha if I was some dude.
LOL, omg her mukbang on her period is hysterical. All this food just keeps appearing out of nowhere and I want to get that gingerbread phone case now because it's too cute.

(11-24-2017, 07:21 PM)Trix Wrote: LOL.

I dunno.

I'd wife Trisha if I was some dude.

I can't afford homegurl's grocery bill, gnomesayin'?
Honey, she got her own...

I think videos like this are a total plea for help and it's actually really sad.

On one hand I think Trisha is good at what she does... she's a personality, she's entertaining, she has a great sense of humor, she's good.

But on the other hand...

I get the impression she's like an ass hair away from committing suicide and that's really an unsettling thought and would be a complete and utter shame.
I'd probably want to kill myself too if I looked like that eating.

I think her lips look so gross and disgusting when she chews.
Way overdone on the Botox...

It is an addiction. Like any other addiction.

It also has an element of body dysmorphia...

Or the same kind of thing that happens when you’re anorexic but still think you look fat when you look in the mirror.
She looks so soft and mushy, I'd like to feel her up and squeeze her and snuggle up and use her body heat on a cold day. I bet she stinks though, all that food probably emits some nasty funk.
I bet Trisha smells like cotton candy.

I'd cuddle with her all day.
lol, cotton candy

I feel like she's NOT on drugs.

That. Imagination. THOUUUGHHH.

God bless.


I fucking love Trisha Paytas and I cannot lie.
LOL, omg I thought she was going to channel Micheal Jackson in that coat then she mentions him towards the end.
I view Trisha as a pioneer of internet celebrity...

I know there were plenty before her, on other platforms, independently, etc.

But Trisha truly is an excellent example of internet fame.

And she's made her own music videos...

She doesn't depend on TV or Hollywood or any of that crap.

She makes it happen herself, and she puts it up where millions will see it and watch it over and over...

YouTube. The internet. Brilliant.

Trisha is a genius, I absolutely do believe that... at least a total genius at what she does.

But I do believe she's very intelligent.

Oh Trisha.

I fucking love this bitch.

I do.

She's just not afraid to show the ENTIRE WORLD.

She's just not afraid and I love her for that.

Trisha is a bad bitch.

She's the real deal.

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