Trisha Paytas pays $10k for liposuction, keeps making fast food eating show videos...
(03-08-2019, 03:45 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Nah Trisha is actually an amazing person in there.

You just don't know her and luckily your opinion doesn't matter anyway, so it's all good!

Big Grin  Everyones opinions matter dude that is the life force that is. I don't wanna know her really I have better peeps to know hahahaha

LMFAO the David Dobrik shirt...

That fucking mad shade though.

I fucking love you, Trisha Paytas.
3:22 - 3:31 LMFAOLOLOL. Holy fuck.

9:00 LMFAOOOO everybody in the comments section is like "My roommate asked if I was watching porn and I said yes because it's easier to explain."
10:22 I love how she just sits down like "K, I'm done."

She’s smart to disable the comments on this one.

To earn that much from eBates she must have spent at least a million dollars shopping online since 2013.
(03-08-2019, 03:51 PM)Fungalicious Wrote: Big Grin  Everyones opinions matter dude that is the life force that is. I don't wanna know her really I have better peeps to know hahahaha

Luck of the Irish, Me names Steven, and its my Island Big Grin

Plot twist: Trisha's mom is filming this.

(This is my favorite comment to leave on all her videos now, LMFAOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!)
Guuuuys I hope you enjoyed this Video lalalala LA LA LA LAA LAAAA LAAAAAA........ .... ... ... . . . . . .

Holy fuckin' hell dude...

Trisha's fucking imagination should be the subject of a scientifical study.

0:38 LMFAO. God bless.

4:20 I've always wondered this.


Fabio looks freaked out as fuck.

But it's definitely Trisha's best song/vid yet...


Who would have ever thought Trisha Paytas would give Fabio some of the last relevance of his whole career?

I mean I know that sounds kinda harsh to say but let's be honest about it.

Fabio likely had no idea who the fuck Trisha Paytas even is, so he has nooo fucking idea what he's just been a part of.

Trisha just trolled the shit out of me and I...

Fucking love her for this.

I fucking, FUCKING, fucking love her for this.

For the first half of the video I was SOOO mad at her for being FAKE and being in scripted relationships and I was like OMG she's gonna say that shit about this dude, but not about Sean? Because we all know she loved Sean way, WAY fucking more than any assclown she's ever been with.
It reminds me of an old scam that they had going on in the 90s. Elite weight loss resorts in the hills of California, on the beach, exotic, yadda yadda. So the patients would get there and sign themselves in then be taken back into a padded room and realize they’d just committed themselves to a mental hospital. I guess you could look out and see the hills from the mental hospital window. They targeted people with insurance that would pay for psychiatric commitments. Maybe she needs to become a victim of a scheme like that one.

Fucking mood...


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